Paintball Shoes – Essential Equipment

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We’ve seen so many people try to play on our airball fields with metal cleats. I can’t tell you how big of a no-no that is. Forget about my 20 thousand dollars in airball bunkers, what about stepping on other players. Those accidents happen more often in the pits when people are screwing around. Then, we always get the dreaded calls from the upset parents that their son got a big infected cut from some kid accidentally digging in his metal cleats. Didn’t they outlaw and stop selling those things in the 80’s?

Purchasing yourself some good paintball shoes is definitely an essential thing for any serious paintball player. Especially speedball players or anyone who is going to play in the Winter on our indoor turf. Exalt makes some very nice paintball minded cleats(their TRX model) that are effective and very affordable. They come with two different depths/lengths of cleats that can be easily changed out to match your playing conditions.

exalt try paintball shoes

Exalt TRX Paintball Shoes/Cleats

Another huge benefit of having real paintball shoes is maintaining the correct support and footing needed for this very demanding sport. How often have you had to look down at your feet to check your footing when you should have been looking down field while your competitor switched bunkers? Having a true sporting cleat gives you better feel of the ground or turf that you’re standing on. It also properly supports your foot when you are starting and stopping quickly, turning sharply or launching yourself into a bunker on the shotgun start.

Don’t be left out on the field with heavy boots that will wear you down during a long day of paintballing. Too often we see players lugging around in boots they use to go hunting or work in.

Don’t be afraid to get shoes like the Exalt TRX muddy. They come with a bag that you can throw them in for the ride home. They are also easy to take apart and hose off, leaving them fresh and ready for your next paintball outing.

If you’re used to wearing heavy boots or some hand-me-down throw away shoes, you will be amazed at how much of a difference paintball shoes will make. They are super light and will make your high speed maneuvering seem effortless, not to mention the extra support. If you are ready to take the next STEP up in your game, take a serious look at the Exalt TRX Paintball Shoes.


Stop Shooting Frozen Paintballs at Me!

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Another weekend of below freezing temps. The indoor field was being used by the soccer league we rented it to. Of course we wanted to play some paintball, so we headed outside to play. Three of the six guns we had froze up within a few minutes, but three still fired. We played for about 15 minutes all wrapped up in snow gear from head to toe. The paintballs didn’t hurt in all that gear and the paint just kind of flaked off. Then I started noticing the paintballs were not breaking at all. They had become frozen solid rocks. Luckily, we noticed it before one of us took a shot in the paintball masks lens. After returning to the warmth of the shop, we noticed several punctures in Marks big down coat. Frozen paintballs had actually torn through his coat. He didn’t report receiving any painful hits.
frozen paintball
Well, as this week is winding down, we are looking forward to the 3 man cash dash at our indoor field. A whopping 17 teams are expected, and it will be sure to be a great time. No frozen paintballs at this event! It will be a comfortable 65 deg on the field. Now if I can just get Mother Nature to bring Spring in a little early this year so we can move paintball back to the outdoors!

2009 Paintball Loaders and Guns

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We are trying to stock the pro shop up with the new 2009 equipment. We always get requests to stock high end paintball loaders and guns and some specific smaller products. Every year we get in the high end stuff but people come by and look at it, ask if they can “test” it, but never buy it. Then, at the end of the year, we end up discounting the heck out of it to move the stuff. This year, we are going to order mid-price(and below) paintball guns, and higher end clothing and accessories. We may get one or two big guns in, just for apperance(and we want to “test” it =))


As the year goes on, we will adjust to what people want to buy, and maybe a few things that people want to see. Some of the “totally new for this year” type of stuff, we will get. There are a few guns and a number of paintball loaders that are must haves. It’s always good to have the common stuff on hand in case of break downs during tournaments. Remember though, we are saving up for that nitrogen separator this year =) We need to reduce inventory or at least make it more efficient. I think people will really appreciate the availability of nitrogen fills.

Well, our paintball team has been skipping practices again. The Paintball Kings could be now called The Foosball Kings, lol. We spend too much time playing foos. Even though we have a great indoor field to play in 24/7, it easier to hang out at home, drink a few beers and slap the foosball around. I think we just need a break from it all for a bit. We all still snap shoot a few times a week. We ran some break drills this past weekend for two hours. Our paintball guns are all tuned-up and ready to shoot. Mark has even been adding onto his Tippmann X7, now that his grenade launcher is on(yes, I’m rolling my eyes).

The 5-man beginner tournament this weekend has 8 teams preregistered. I know most of the teams around here don’t qualify for it, and some are upset that they can’t play. These type of tournaments bring in new teams that are normally intimidated to play. They are very important for us to host and we would deeply appreciate it if the more experienced teams would show up to support them. Any coaching help, equipment advise or other constructive help could really ‘spur’ these new paintball players along.

Getting Paintball Sponsorship Requests

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Working at the field here, we get TONS of requests from individuals and half organized teams for sponsorship requests. We love that people are interested in playing more and being dedicated to our field. However, people are asking for new paintball guns and everything that goes with it. Jungle Falls offers a paintball sponsorship program that an organized active team can apply for. When people read it and find out they aren’t getting a new DM9 with all the ups, they get discouraged and don’t pursue the sponsorship. This sponsorship agreement clearly lays out a long term relationship with Jungle Falls and is better than most sponsorships out there in addition to being available to entry level teams in both tournament and scenario play.

sponsored-teamThere are several sponsorship help articles and pages around the internet. I wish people would spend some time researching these before they come in with high expectations. A great example of an article is: Getting Paintball Sponsorships for your Team by Wolfpack Paintball Team. They have several articles about getting sponsored including links to active sponsorship applications and resumes. We know and play with this team. They don’t have a lot of sponsors, but they do have some very long term relationships with the sponsors they do have. Their philosophy is, few is better.

We always hope to be able to help out teams. There are a number of team sponsored by Jungle Falls, some that have been there for 5+ years. They participate and help out around the field regularly. These are the type of teams that we are looking to build relationships with. Please don’t let this post be discouraging, just a little bit of an education. The sponsorship  programs has the following benefits that increase over years:

  • Pro Shop Discounts
  • Field Paint Purchase Discounts
  • Field Fee Discounts
  • Help Building a Team Resume
  • Uniform Discounts(Free Uniforms after 3 years)
  • Exposure and Personal time with Major Vendors

Please take the time to start a team resume and have a good attitude toward the field. There are a lot of rules that go along with the sponsorship. It’s reasonable though and we want both parties to benefit.

In other news, this weekends odd man out ~ 4 man cash dash tournament went off with a bag. 17 teams played their hearts out. We are trying to come up with some way to host a reball tournament. There is currently no way to do this yet without about 50 billion refs and video cameras on every player, lol. Someday we will figure it out =)

2009 equipment is starting to fill up the proshop. We appreciate everyone taking advantage of the 2008 price blow outs. We were able to clear most of the ’08 merchandise out in time to restock with new model year guns and gear. Happy New Year!!

Paintball after the Holidays

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Wow, what a crazy holiday season for all the Paintball Kings members. I was gone for three weeks to Mexico sucking up the sun and cheap living. Mark worked almost 90 hours a week sucking up some serious amounts of cash. Jeff was helping an I’ll family member(who is doing good now). To say the least, we have not been playing much paintball lately or helping out at the Jungle Falls Paintball Park.


We plan on restarting team action after January. Things are just too darn crazy this year. Seems every year older we get, the more difficult it is to remain focused on this great sport. Soon, wives, kids, jobs and unknown responsibilities will work harder than ever to pry paintball out of our lives. With last years collapse/bankruptcy of the NPPL, it’s just one more thing to break down our established activities.

The fields at Jungle Falls are covered in ice and snow, but the indoor field is in great condition for playing. We try to keep it about 60-65deg and 80% humidity. It’s a great playing condition and keeps you running and dodging those 300fps paintballs. Also, the new air compressor we installed last summer(that got full of sand in the floods) has been working great and we are glad it survived the rebuild from the flood. We are planning on getting a nitrogen separator sometime in spring to early summer. It’s a big investment, but with some of the very large tournaments we are planning on holding this year(2009), we think it will be a great addition to the field.

2009, what’s in store for the Paintball King Team? We have loads of tournaments and some larger scenarios planned for this paintball season. We will be reffing events at Jungle Falls all season(as usual). Jeff and Mark are setting up some snap shooting areas in the back of the house. Most of their backyard is now covered with paintball netting, lol. If we can stay off of the foosball table, we hope to do a twice daily snap shooting drill. The rest of the year is open to last minute game invites and maybe a few fill in games here and there. We will probably post our schedule as it becomes more full and we can see for sure that these dates are going to happen.

Good luck to all in 2009, Happy New Year!

2008 Paintball Tournaments

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Almost another paintball season done for the year. It’s been a crazy year with the flooding we got in June/July. The compressor going down with the sand. And all the crazy teams events that were overbooked. Paintball has been good to us this year. I can only hope next year will prove to be as hot for local paintball teams and area tournaments.

This weekend we had 23 teams come out for the free team practice and cook out. It was a BYOP event and air + field fee was free. It was a great time and I am worn out to say the least.

November starts the series of sponsored paintball events in the indoor field. It should be a busy winter for Jungle Falls paintball field again. The field is set up and everyone agrees it should be a great indoor season.

Winter Paintball Schedule Preview

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Wow! A lot of sweaty evenings finalizing the indoor paintball field. The Jungle Falls indoor arena is ready and willing to take on some crazed paintball slinging teams and players. After a month of hanging paintball netting and our custom turf, cleaning and setting up the Ultimate Airball bunkers, and giving the 8,000 dollar compressor/cascade system, we are ready to rock.

The first tournament will be held in the 25,000 square foot arena on November 1st. We are having a 5 man cash dash. It will be only $50 bucks per team for entry(includes compressed air fills). We will be charging $60 per case of PMI premium or Draxxus Blaze. Yes, due to popular demand, we are going to try Draxxus paintballs for the Winter to see how things go. They will be orange shell with a very thick yellow fill. This is the paintball color combo recommended by most paintball gun manufacturers to help eye systems detect the ball in the breach.

This Winter we have picked up some paintball tournament sponsorships to add a little cash to the prizes. All of these cash bonuses will be offered for one tournament each month. They will require a minimum turn out for each tournament. It should be at least an extra $1,000 for each of these events added, spread out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

In other news, the outdoor fields are still going strong. They should be staying open through the first part of December for walk on outdoor play and all around paintball abuse. Last year we had a big Halloween paintball party with a scary costume theme and a huge grill out Halloween night. We had almost 150 walk ons and wiped out the local grocery stores ground beef abd brat supply. We partied all night and left when the sun came up.

The Pro Shop still has some paintball guns to move cheap. Egos and Dye Matrix are looking for new owners to take them home and give them love. There are a few Halos going cheap too. Stop in and see.