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Tippmann X7 Sniper Upgrades

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The Tippmann X7 is one of the coolest scenario upgradeable paintball weapons we’ve seen. The gun is totally able to trans form into a M16, MP5, AK47, UMP or G36. The available upgrade kits are almost endless and most are affordable. The cool appearance of these guns induce a tough war like impression.Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun

Ome of the coolest things about this gun is the ability to field strip it and interchange repair parts with an A5. Its built with many of the same internals as the extremely popular A5. Many of the same internal mods will switch between the two guns also.

Our team doesn’t own any Tippmann X7’s at this time but we do have two A5’s and are looking forward to upgrading to the X7 some day. If your interested in looking at the available upgrades to trick out your X7 have a look at Tippmann X7 Upgrades.

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Plastic paintball bunkers!

Posted in paintball events, paintball practice with tags , on May 26, 2008 by calebtheredwood

OMG, did we have a freaking good time yesterday shooting each other through cardboard boxes/make shift paintball bunkers.

carboard paintball gun hopper

We set up a practice yesterday with our team and about 5 other paintball friends. We had about 10 legit bunkers from ultimate air and we laid out a field. It was fairly obvious that we needed more bunkers for the 8 of us to play a serious scrimmage. Out came the cardboard boxes I had saved from moving into our new house. Most of them were about 3-4 foot square boxes. We stacked most of them two high or two wide. This added quite a few more levels to the layout field.

After shooting a few games of paintball and burning through several cases of paintballs. We noticed the cardboard boxes were getting a bit soaked with paint and started feeling a little more flimsily. Next game we started shooting straight through the boxes and eliminating people. It sounded kind of fun to do but it went both ways and I got eliminated in the same fashion. We then had to make a rule of two hits through the box for an elimination. It got people to stay behind the ultimate air bunkers more often.

We then raided my neighbors shed(with his permission) and used some of his plastic 55 gallon drums. Although they made horrific noises when shot. They served the propose a lot better and were easier to move around. When we were done with them they rinsed off nicely with the garden hose.

Kids with rich parents bother me!

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They are on the loose again! All the little brats from suburbia. Every once in a while a kid or two will be mixed into the regulars out at the paintball field with their mom boughten paintball guns. I was out with my tricked out DM7 and this kid, probably 14-15 years old, had a shiny new DM8. He took a look at my gun, laughed and said, “Why don’t you update that old thing?” I simply said, “Because my Mommy won’t buy me a new guy.”

Dye Matrix DM8 Paintball Marker

That stupid little brat doesn’t have a clue. If his rich mommy didn’t buy that gun so she wouldn’t have to spend time with him, he’d be shooting a $100 dollar Spyder. Meanwhile, I’m working two jobs to keep my old out of date DM7 up and running. Boo Hoo!

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to up against this little kid and bonus ball him into tears. Probably a good thing!

Paintball brain splatter!

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Sometimes when playing paintball it feels like a paintball goes completely through my mask and skull and smacks my brain. This usually induces a wake up call to what I’m doing. It never fails, every time we are playing a tournament, I tend to do one or two things that day that make me say, “What the hell was I thinking there?” Luckily with my teammates it’s an OK thing that everyone gets a chuckle about.

Team practice at Jungle falls

Sunday May 18, we were at a team practice event at Jungle Falls with about 15 other teams. We were swapping teammates and playing positions we don’t normally play when I came around a bunker to move up to center. Upon reaching the bunker and squatting down, I didn’t realize the bunker had a hollow center part. My groin was exposed through the bunker’s empty center section and in full visibility of my opponents. Of course, I was immediately “lit up” with a barrage of unfriendly fire that would scar my memories for years to come.

Although that lesson didn’t include my family jewels getting hammered, it did diminish my confidence of ever playing the front position. Seems when your in the center, the paintballs come flying in faster and harder. I’ll stick to my back stand up bunkers and only have to worry about taking a glancing blow to a forearm.

Ion sniper conversion

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Jeff and I today were contemplating converting our Smart Parts Ion guns into sniper rifles. Neither of us seem to shoot our ions very often due to the high end guns we prefer. We were surfing around Google images and looking at some photos of what people have done.

Ion Sniper rifle

The Q-loader mod would probably be the ultimate mod for the sniper. We agreed because you remove the hopper signature and can keep an extremely low profile when in the prone position. I don’t know how easy it would be to install the kit in an effective manner to make it a “side load” mod. That would make it even a lower profile. We saw Warpig did a SP8 gun with this mod. Although I think the SP8 looks stupid, the mod was cool.

I think if you could put a Tippmann Flatline on the Ion it would make it a more effective sniper gun. I know most people complain about the accuracy of the Flatline, but the ability to reach out way beyond what other barrels can reach is unmatched. Plus the ability to shoot a flat shot in canopy type terrain is a key to being a sniper.

I don’t know about sights. We couldn’t seem to agree on a sight mod that would be worth adding. I think a scope would be cool to see beyond the naked eye, but shooting through a scope is very challenging. I have tried it a don’t care for scopes. I think a person should learn to know where their gun is going to hit by looking down the barrel. So maybe a side mount scope would be OK.

After some discussion I think we both decided to sell our ions =) I think they are good guns but we both prefer our higher end guns. Also, If we were going to blow some cash on sniper mods, we would rather trick out a Tippmann X7. They are a sweet gun with tons of cool mods.

Reffing event at Jungle Falls fields

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On May 4, 2008 our team reffed the pre-PSP event at Jungle Falls paintball field and we had some serious fun! It seems when reffing you get shop by alot more paintballs then when your playing a tournament. After every round of events we had to go off field and clean ourselves off. Most of the hits were from bouncing balls off of air bunkers. The doritoes were especially bad for bounces.

messy paintball mask

I snapped this pic of Mark with my phone between rounds. We were just about to walk off the field when some kid shoot a bunker just to clear his gun. It bounced into Marks mask. We all spend about 10 minutes laughing our butts off. The kid just looked at him and said, “opps, owned I guess”. Mark wanted to slap him, lol.

As the day went on we all worked to avoid area that had alot of bounces. Most people had their guns turned down to a lower velocity due to the fragile paintballs. Seems the Smart Parts Ions were performing the best and not breaking any paint. I don’t know why that is.

By the end of the day we all had alot of welts and stories to tell of being assaulted by the players. We ref events at the field every month. We also are reffing the “World Championships of Scenario” in August. That should be a good time.

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