Reffing event at Jungle Falls fields

On May 4, 2008 our team reffed the pre-PSP event at Jungle Falls paintball field and we had some serious fun! It seems when reffing you get shop by alot more paintballs then when your playing a tournament. After every round of events we had to go off field and clean ourselves off. Most of the hits were from bouncing balls off of air bunkers. The doritoes were especially bad for bounces.

messy paintball mask

I snapped this pic of Mark with my phone between rounds. We were just about to walk off the field when some kid shoot a bunker just to clear his gun. It bounced into Marks mask. We all spend about 10 minutes laughing our butts off. The kid just looked at him and said, “opps, owned I guess”. Mark wanted to slap him, lol.

As the day went on we all worked to avoid area that had alot of bounces. Most people had their guns turned down to a lower velocity due to the fragile paintballs. Seems the Smart Parts Ions were performing the best and not breaking any paint. I don’t know why that is.

By the end of the day we all had alot of welts and stories to tell of being assaulted by the players. We ref events at the field every month. We also are reffing the “World Championships of Scenario” in August. That should be a good time.

Keep Paintballing!!!



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