Ion sniper conversion

Jeff and I today were contemplating converting our Smart Parts Ion guns into sniper rifles. Neither of us seem to shoot our ions very often due to the high end guns we prefer. We were surfing around Google images and looking at some photos of what people have done.

Ion Sniper rifle

The Q-loader mod would probably be the ultimate mod for the sniper. We agreed because you remove the hopper signature and can keep an extremely low profile when in the prone position. I don’t know how easy it would be to install the kit in an effective manner to make it a “side load” mod. That would make it even a lower profile. We saw Warpig did a SP8 gun with this mod. Although I think the SP8 looks stupid, the mod was cool.

I think if you could put a Tippmann Flatline on the Ion it would make it a more effective sniper gun. I know most people complain about the accuracy of the Flatline, but the ability to reach out way beyond what other barrels can reach is unmatched. Plus the ability to shoot a flat shot in canopy type terrain is a key to being a sniper.

I don’t know about sights. We couldn’t seem to agree on a sight mod that would be worth adding. I think a scope would be cool to see beyond the naked eye, but shooting through a scope is very challenging. I have tried it a don’t care for scopes. I think a person should learn to know where their gun is going to hit by looking down the barrel. So maybe a side mount scope would be OK.

After some discussion I think we both decided to sell our ions =) I think they are good guns but we both prefer our higher end guns. Also, If we were going to blow some cash on sniper mods, we would rather trick out a Tippmann X7. They are a sweet gun with tons of cool mods.


4 Responses to “Ion sniper conversion”

  1. hi i also have the q loader and my gun is the spyder stra ?? if i buy the ion how do i modify the gun teh way you have iurs … did it cass alot to make it look like that ?

  2. roflcopter Says:

    doesnt the q loader give a slower feeding rate?

  3. matt puma Says:

    how much does it cost to convert an ion into this sniper? and where can i buy the upgrades?

  4. No, q loaders are fast. And he wants to use it as a sniper, so it doesn’t even need a fast ROF anyways…

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