Paintball brain splatter!

Sometimes when playing paintball it feels like a paintball goes completely through my mask and skull and smacks my brain. This usually induces a wake up call to what I’m doing. It never fails, every time we are playing a tournament, I tend to do one or two things that day that make me say, “What the hell was I thinking there?” Luckily with my teammates it’s an OK thing that everyone gets a chuckle about.

Team practice at Jungle falls

Sunday May 18, we were at a team practice event at Jungle Falls with about 15 other teams. We were swapping teammates and playing positions we don’t normally play when I came around a bunker to move up to center. Upon reaching the bunker and squatting down, I didn’t realize the bunker had a hollow center part. My groin was exposed through the bunker’s empty center section and in full visibility of my opponents. Of course, I was immediately “lit up” with a barrage of unfriendly fire that would scar my memories for years to come.

Although that lesson didn’t include my family jewels getting hammered, it did diminish my confidence of ever playing the front position. Seems when your in the center, the paintballs come flying in faster and harder. I’ll stick to my back stand up bunkers and only have to worry about taking a glancing blow to a forearm.


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