Kids with rich parents bother me!

They are on the loose again! All the little brats from suburbia. Every once in a while a kid or two will be mixed into the regulars out at the paintball field with their mom boughten paintball guns. I was out with my tricked out DM7 and this kid, probably 14-15 years old, had a shiny new DM8. He took a look at my gun, laughed and said, “Why don’t you update that old thing?” I simply said, “Because my Mommy won’t buy me a new guy.”

Dye Matrix DM8 Paintball Marker

That stupid little brat doesn’t have a clue. If his rich mommy didn’t buy that gun so she wouldn’t have to spend time with him, he’d be shooting a $100 dollar Spyder. Meanwhile, I’m working two jobs to keep my old out of date DM7 up and running. Boo Hoo!

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to up against this little kid and bonus ball him into tears. Probably a good thing!


4 Responses to “Kids with rich parents bother me!”

  1. Poor kids bothers rich kids! stop being jelous & bare with it.
    yes that kid did a bad thing by saying that but dont b a hater just cuz his mommy can buy him things & you cant!

  2. Rich parents are better than poor parents. Or even surrogate teen parents, like on that wacky new show Baby Borrowers… These teens take other people’s kids and raise them for a few days. You think they got paid?

  3. i hate rich kids. i saved up and worked over time at taco bell for months to get enough money for my x7. then at a local scenario game some kid had a x7 with x36 stock and a flatline, PLUS he had a special ops longbow. wtf!!!!!!

    i asked him how much. he said idk my parents bought them for me. and his paint and air.

    BULLSHIT!!!! i scrape by to get good enough paint to play and C02(can’t afford a hpa tank). spoiled kids suck ass

    then he asked to join my fucking team?? WTF

  4. Newbie PB playa Says:

    Wow dude, you are so right. I hate it when those friggin kids say that shit. Me myself, i have a brand new 2009 Spyder Sonix, and i used half my confirmation money to buy it. And i was glad as hell when it came in the mail, cuz i finally had sumthing to use, that wasn’t a terrible rental. But that just outrages me to the core. A kid with a DM8 telling YOU to get your DM7 upgraded- i woulda shoved my barrel up his ass and went full auto on his punk ass. Damn spoiled brats. And ya would think in this economy that a child wouldnt have a brand new DM8. I guarentee you he didnt even know how to use the damn thing. Friggin brat makes me sick.

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