Plastic paintball bunkers!

OMG, did we have a freaking good time yesterday shooting each other through cardboard boxes/make shift paintball bunkers.

carboard paintball gun hopper

We set up a practice yesterday with our team and about 5 other paintball friends. We had about 10 legit bunkers from ultimate air and we laid out a field. It was fairly obvious that we needed more bunkers for the 8 of us to play a serious scrimmage. Out came the cardboard boxes I had saved from moving into our new house. Most of them were about 3-4 foot square boxes. We stacked most of them two high or two wide. This added quite a few more levels to the layout field.

After shooting a few games of paintball and burning through several cases of paintballs. We noticed the cardboard boxes were getting a bit soaked with paint and started feeling a little more flimsily. Next game we started shooting straight through the boxes and eliminating people. It sounded kind of fun to do but it went both ways and I got eliminated in the same fashion. We then had to make a rule of two hits through the box for an elimination. It got people to stay behind the ultimate air bunkers more often.

We then raided my neighbors shed(with his permission) and used some of his plastic 55 gallon drums. Although they made horrific noises when shot. They served the propose a lot better and were easier to move around. When we were done with them they rinsed off nicely with the garden hose.


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