Tippmann X7 Sniper Upgrades

The Tippmann X7 is one of the coolest scenario upgradeable paintball weapons we’ve seen. The gun is totally able to trans form into a M16, MP5, AK47, UMP or G36. The available upgrade kits are almost endless and most are affordable. The cool appearance of these guns induce a tough war like impression.Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun

Ome of the coolest things about this gun is the ability to field strip it and interchange repair parts with an A5. Its built with many of the same internals as the extremely popular A5. Many of the same internal mods will switch between the two guns also.

Our team doesn’t own any Tippmann X7’s at this time but we do have two A5’s and are looking forward to upgrading to the X7 some day. If your interested in looking at the available upgrades to trick out your X7 have a look at Tippmann X7 Upgrades.

Keep Paintballing!!


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  1. rosa h rivera Says:

    i want to see all the videos or paint ball

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