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Clean the Paintballs out of your Gutters!

Posted in paintball events, paintball practice with tags on June 27, 2008 by calebtheredwood

We have our Ultimate airball field set up in my dad’s grassy lot behind his shop. He called me and asked if I would clean out his gutters because they were clogged and flowing over(he can’t climb a ladder). I got out the ladder and set it up to clean his shop gutters. Upon inspection, the gutters were clogged with paintball debris! LOL, seems the balls were bouncing off of the bunkers and landing on the roof, then rolling down into the gutters.

paintballs in gutters

On another note: the team practice last weekend went great. There were 15+ teams that showed and a lot of “free-agents” that we worked in for a full day of fun competitive playing. We all chipped in and bought a half dozen pounds of Festival Foods Oktoberfest brats. If you’ve never had them, I highly suggest them! We grilled out and drank some beers after the practice. Everyone had a great time and the field made out. Even though it was a BYOP we still sold almost 100 cases of PMI premium.

The fields are back in full swing after the flooding. Even the lower fields are back to their old luster! We celebrated with a few games on the lower fields and some silly scenario games like “Civil War”. You must remove your hopper and drop one ball at a time into your gun. It was a blast. We had several versions of the game and made a few others with crazy rules. It’s always a good time with the teams that show up.

This weekend is the 3-man cash dash. It’s $120 entry per team and $60 for a case of PMI premium. It’s 100% payout of entry fee’s. Minimum 15 teams entered, but we already have 17 paid teams and 14 more signed up(unpaid). Entries are due day of tournament for those that haven’t paid yet. It will be on our smaller airball field. All day air is included with entry. Our team will be playing and not reffing this event, so heads up to all you slackers 😉

Just a note: we have totally cleaned out our compressors and have gotten all of the sand out of it. We had them professionally cleaned. After blowing sand into our tanks last week, we were a little concern on upsetting everyone this weekend. Not to worry, it is totally clean and tested. We also have a fresh batch of PMI Premium for this weekends event. We took out two cases and shot some and bounce tested it. We are totally ready for this weekend so come out, enter your 3 man team and play some serious paintball!


Thank God for Crossfire paintball tanks.

Posted in foosball with tags on June 23, 2008 by calebtheredwood

I sent my tank off to Crossfire Paintball Tanks for a rehydro and cleaning. Opps! Since the flood we seem to have sand in our compressor even though we cleaned out the dryer and changed the filter. It didn’t get under water but with all the sand washing up by the club house, we got sand into the compressor. Most of the tanks we’ve filled in the last couple of weeks have come up with the regulators and fill connectors leaking a bit. Very frustrating.
crossfire paintball tank
I sent my tank into Crossfire Paintball Tanks to have it rehydro’ed since it is due within a year. They said they will rebuild the regulator for only 25$ too. They are also able to hydro any brand of tank and you can upgrade to their regulator for cheap. Not too shabby of a deal. I was thinking of sending in both of my tanks and changing the one from an 800psi output down to the 400psi output. I think I’d get more shots per tank fill. The other tank already has the low pressure output regulator and I think it’s easier on my gun. Not sure if I want to spend the cash though at this point. Both Jeff and Mark run the low output on all of their tanks and they seem to swear by it. Both of my guns have a built in reg anyways but it would still affect the performance and recharge ability of the intermediate reg(can you sense my indecision? lol)

In other Field news, the Jungle Falls owners are going on vacation and leaving the field to us for two weeks! =O This weekend is the team practice that our team will be running. It should be a good turn out and an all around fun time. We are also planning some type of end of Summer party at the field. I know the Summer just started but we need to plan ahead. Most of the regular teams said they would be up for a fun day of playing and a big cookout. Last years event we got 23 paintball teams to show up and we played woods and tournament type games. It was a blast! Several scenario team that swore off tournament play had a great time in the airball field. Even the PSP teams enjoyed the scenario events we did. This weekend we will pass around the idea for input.

Hope to see you all there…

Foosball snakes Paintball again

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We had a day full of practice and drills set up for today. We all met at Marks house and Cooked a Fatty. We ate most of it and didn’t feel like going out to play(doh, go figure)! We then started gathering around the foosball table and hitting a few balls around. Mark has a Tornado table that he won from a tournament many moons ago. She’s well played and plays well =)
Tornado foosball table

The day wasn’t a total loss though. We ended up doing some minor snap shooting drills and we all went for a serious bike ride to try to burn off some of the billion calories we consumed. Later on we re-consumed any lost nutrients by making a case(or two) of beer disappear. Mostly New Glarus Spotted Cow and their Road Slush(I call it Road Grime with love). We also had some of their Fat Squirrel, all very good stuff.

Tomorrow is the team practice day at Jungle Falls and we hope to have a butt load of team’s there to help the now “dryer” paintball field recover some costs from the flood clean up. We’ve got about 7 or 8 teams committed so far and several others talking about coming out. We will be trying to switch things up during the days session and play a few switched team round robin type games. It should be a fun day and affordable as it is BYOP. As always, paintballs will be available for sale.

Next week we are going to try to setup a paintball equipment swap meet. Kind of like a rumage sale for everyone to bring their stuff out and trade/sell/barter their old unwanted guns, goggles, ect… It will be a free event and we hope to tie it into a DYP scrimmage. I know I have a Tippmann 98 Custom to get rid of =)

Clean up at the Paintball Field

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We have been cleaning up the field and are trying to convert it from Jungle Lake back to Jungle Falls like it’s supposed to be =) With our area getting alot of flooding it has been a challenge. Most of the water has gone down and all of the upper fields are playable again. This weekends organized team practice should take place as scheduled pending no heavy rains on Saturday. The turf field dried out quite allot in todays beautiful sunshine.
This was the river last weekend taken from the bridge just down from the field. As you can imagine the lower fields were completely covered. Although, the water level is down from the fields, they are still muddy and unusable for this weekend.

On a good note, some junk has floated onto the field property that we can use as bunkers =) Ya I can always find a positive note to something like this. Most of it was just put into a couple of piles in the wooded areas and it’s officially a “make shift” bunker. We just made sure there were no sharp edges or rusty protrusions that someone could get hurt with or ruin their equipment.

We have managed to run a few drills over the last few days and get in some halfway decent practice. Mark has been working alot due to the flooding. The city has been asking him to work overtime, so our practices have been limited. He should be here in full gear and ready to play this weekend though. Jeff has a family obligation but will also be in attendance at this weekends team practice. He wants to tryout his new Tippmann X7 paintball gun and give it a good break-in!

Flooded Paintball

Posted in paintball events, paintball practice with tags on June 15, 2008 by calebtheredwood

Todays five man trophy dash was canceled due to, you guessed it, rain/water/flooding. Most of the fields were muddy at best. Several had standing water and the lower field had 4 feet of water.
flooded paintball field

We decided to take some of our old non-electronic equipment and play in the water. It was really hard to move around and after a short while we quit. We thought it would be cool to go under water and pop up at a different bunker or bunker someone by coming up behind them. The water was so dirty you couldn’t see two inches in front of you. Luckily, we originally designed the field so we knew where all the lower bunkers were and didn’t run into any of them. The crazy things we do when we are bored, lol.

Next weekend is a organized BYOP team practice and we expect a huge turnout as usual. There will be several grills and the huge picnic area so bring plenty to cook. Alcohol will have to wait until after the practice is over. And as usual, please no minors drinking, we will be checking again. Oh, thats also a BYOB thing =)

We think the airball field will be cleaned up for the practice. If it’s still to wet though we will be playing on the hyperball tube field with the pee-gravel. We don’t want to tear up the expensive turf grass on the airball field if it’s too wet. The woodsball areas will be closed for this week too. Many of the bunkers are dug in ground and full of water right now. Any of the lower fields by the river are totally under water and probably won’t be playable for a week or two. I hope its all clear for the Scenario Championships!

The “club house” received no damage and both the compressors and paintball stock room are totally fine. Mother nature just decided to dump on us a little. Nothing we can’t handle I guess. although, it would have been nice to play the five man event today. We had several more teams express interest since my last post and it would have been a fun event. We will be having a five man trophy dash every month through October though. These are great affordable events open to all level of play and provide a great opportunity for people to come out and learn or go up against some of the better teams in the area.

Paintball vs Foosball

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Ya, we are all hardcore foosball players here. Today it was; go out and work on snap shooting and other paintball drills or hang out and play foosball. Guess which we chose? Foosball! Mark even got his new Tippmann X7 paintball gun this week. He has plans of upgrading it before he breaks it in though.
foosball table soccer
So the four of us spend most of the day playing foosball. We did a round robin one on one tournament. Then we played teams of every variety. Then we did a forward shoot out, which I hate, and a goally wars, which I also hate. As usual, I dominated on the five man! I am the only one who is a lefty though.
So with our air ball practice field set up and the grass freshly mowed, we didn’t practice paintball today. All the local paintball teams can breath a sigh of relief, lol. Tomorrow(Saturday), you can bet we will be arming our paintball guns and hard at it shooting each other and any other team that wants to scrimmage us.
There is a five man open tournament at Jungle falls paintball field though this Sunday. We aren’t reffing so I’m sure we will be playing if our fifth feels like traveling up here. There are only 5 teams preregistered though. I’m not sure it will be a great turn out. Its only trophies for first through third and a trophy for the sportsmanship award. But, entry fees are only 15 per person and include all day comp air fills and free lunch. Its also a field paint only event with PMI Premium paintballs for $55.00 a case, not a bad price.
I guess if we don’t play we will be inside playing foosball all day. I need to work on my roll over any way. I have a hard time hitting a long pull snake. IDK what my problem is. I guess my arm just doesn’t work that way.

July 19-20 Paintball Tournament in Warrens, Wisconsin

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An email we received this morning: “I am just writing to invite you to a paintball tournament held July 19-20 in warrens Wisconsin. We plan on having this an annual event with this being the first year its being held. We our honoring my brother, PVT STERLING EAGLES who was in the army national guard who was awaiting deployment. He passed away March 15, 2008 while saving his nephew, sister and 2 friends from a house fire. we plan on a 3 man speedball tournament on the the 19th of July with a pig roast and then on the 20th woodsball all day!You can bring a tent to camp! If you are unable to attend thats fine but can you please tell others you know about it!!! If you need more info please email me! Thank you for your time!” ~Elizabeth
Warrens, Wisconsin
So if anyone from Wisconsin or close by that wants to travel alittle, please check it out. I’ll post more of the details about prices when I get them or I’ll give you her email if you message me.
By the way, Warrens Wisconsin is best known for its awesome skatepark. Its one of the best I’ve been to, if your into that sort of thing. I think it’s where they have that huge Cranberry Fest event too =)