BioWars at Skirmish Paintball Field

We just got back from a long weekend of playing and partying. Sunday we went to Biowars at Skirmish paintball field in Jim Thorpe, PA. That was a crazy scenario and an all around fun time. Although, we were a little hungover that morning we did survive! I couldn’t blog like I though I could, because our stupid hotel didn’t have Internet and we didn’t feel like finding access else where.

They have one of the hugest castles that I have ever played in with tons of levels and rooms. There are lots of windows to hang out of and shoot from. Its hard to attack into it, but fun to defend from.

Skirmish paintball field castle

We originally set out to play with our(built for these scenario) Tippmann A5’s but I found myself switching to my Dye DM7 fairly quick due to the high level of players there. We ended up going through 2 cases of paint each. There was more paintballs flying at this event than any I had played for a long time.

I’m home this morning nursing my welts, including the dinger I took to the side of my neck! I also tore my camo pants like a fat man bending over. I think we laughed for about a half hour when that happened. Luckily, it was after the day was over and we were just packing up our paintball stuff.

They are having an “Invasion of Normandy” event in July. If we don’t end up in San Fransisco that weekend we will for sure attend that event too. The field is really awesome and they had food available throughout the day(maybe why I split my pants).


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