5-Man young guns tournament

I just got home from setting up the air bunkers for this Saturdays 5-man young guns tournament at Jungle Falls. We set up about 50 air bunkers. The field is awesome, it’s built like a bowl with the people at the start able to see both the flag and the opposing team. It’s like a big taunt. Someone could ideally run straight up the field and grab the flag totally unobstructed. Of course the other team could see them coming and own them.

Jungle Falls Paintball Field

The young guns tournaments are always a good time with free lunch and cheap entry fees. We will be shooting PMI permium for $60.00 bucks a case. Not a bad price on quality paintballs. As always the air fills are included and both CO2 and comp air(3000psi and 4500psi fill stations). I haven’t heard what lunch is going to be, probably hot dogs and chips. Great for a free lunch.

We(The Paintball Kings) will be reffing with the help of the usual Jungle Falls staff. I think someone from Allen Paintball will be there with some of their products. I know two of the Hooters Paintball Girls will be there dishing out pain to anyone who wants to get shot by them =)

Captains meeting is at 9:00 and play begins at 10:00. This event is limited to 20 teams. We usually get about 15. Enjoy…


One Response to “5-Man young guns tournament”

  1. how old do you have to be play and how many people a team is this tournament in florida and how do you join a team

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