Paintball Team Practice

Yesterday, between rain storms, we got out and did some team scrimmaging/snap shooting. We got together with three other teams and played around on the field we setup for the young guns tournament we had Saturday. It’s fun reffing a field and watching other teams play on a field layout you designed. Trying to understand how they react to certain valuable areas and how you would do it different. It’s really a lesson to see all of this.

snap shooting

We decided it would be beneficial for us to go out and apply what we saw other teams do on the field. We had some good lanes and ways of taking valuable areas that we had all been disusing as we reffed Saturday. Some of our ideas were bust and some worked better than we had though.

We are also going to try to build off of it for the next time we design a field layout. It’s hard to balance a field design for playability, spectator viewing and still have people shoot a lot of paint so the field makes money. Mark has a field design software on his computer that we were playing around with. We were trying to replicate some of the better PSP and NPPL fields. Should be fun next time…


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