July 19-20 Paintball Tournament in Warrens, Wisconsin

An email we received this morning: “I am just writing to invite you to a paintball tournament held July 19-20 in warrens Wisconsin. We plan on having this an annual event with this being the first year its being held. We our honoring my brother, PVT STERLING EAGLES who was in the army national guard who was awaiting deployment. He passed away March 15, 2008 while saving his nephew, sister and 2 friends from a house fire. we plan on a 3 man speedball tournament on the the 19th of July with a pig roast and then on the 20th woodsball all day!You can bring a tent to camp! If you are unable to attend thats fine but can you please tell others you know about it!!! If you need more info please email me! Thank you for your time!” ~Elizabeth
Warrens, Wisconsin
So if anyone from Wisconsin or close by that wants to travel alittle, please check it out. I’ll post more of the details about prices when I get them or I’ll give you her email if you message me.
By the way, Warrens Wisconsin is best known for its awesome skatepark. Its one of the best I’ve been to, if your into that sort of thing. I think it’s where they have that huge Cranberry Fest event too =)


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