Paintball vs Foosball

Ya, we are all hardcore foosball players here. Today it was; go out and work on snap shooting and other paintball drills or hang out and play foosball. Guess which we chose? Foosball! Mark even got his new Tippmann X7 paintball gun this week. He has plans of upgrading it before he breaks it in though.
foosball table soccer
So the four of us spend most of the day playing foosball. We did a round robin one on one tournament. Then we played teams of every variety. Then we did a forward shoot out, which I hate, and a goally wars, which I also hate. As usual, I dominated on the five man! I am the only one who is a lefty though.
So with our air ball practice field set up and the grass freshly mowed, we didn’t practice paintball today. All the local paintball teams can breath a sigh of relief, lol. Tomorrow(Saturday), you can bet we will be arming our paintball guns and hard at it shooting each other and any other team that wants to scrimmage us.
There is a five man open tournament at Jungle falls paintball field though this Sunday. We aren’t reffing so I’m sure we will be playing if our fifth feels like traveling up here. There are only 5 teams preregistered though. I’m not sure it will be a great turn out. Its only trophies for first through third and a trophy for the sportsmanship award. But, entry fees are only 15 per person and include all day comp air fills and free lunch. Its also a field paint only event with PMI Premium paintballs for $55.00 a case, not a bad price.
I guess if we don’t play we will be inside playing foosball all day. I need to work on my roll over any way. I have a hard time hitting a long pull snake. IDK what my problem is. I guess my arm just doesn’t work that way.


3 Responses to “Paintball vs Foosball”

  1. A good friend once told me that a day spent playing foosball is not a day wasted. Of course he also dropped out of college to work at an internet startup.

  2. In Brazil, foosball is very popular. The paintball is a sport restricted to a portion of the population, however, has grown in recent years.

  3. whiteboymagic Says:

    why would you skip a chance to play paintball? i would kill to have the oppertunity to do drills and play all the time!!!

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