Flooded Paintball

Todays five man trophy dash was canceled due to, you guessed it, rain/water/flooding. Most of the fields were muddy at best. Several had standing water and the lower field had 4 feet of water.
flooded paintball field

We decided to take some of our old non-electronic equipment and play in the water. It was really hard to move around and after a short while we quit. We thought it would be cool to go under water and pop up at a different bunker or bunker someone by coming up behind them. The water was so dirty you couldn’t see two inches in front of you. Luckily, we originally designed the field so we knew where all the lower bunkers were and didn’t run into any of them. The crazy things we do when we are bored, lol.

Next weekend is a organized BYOP team practice and we expect a huge turnout as usual. There will be several grills and the huge picnic area so bring plenty to cook. Alcohol will have to wait until after the practice is over. And as usual, please no minors drinking, we will be checking again. Oh, thats also a BYOB thing =)

We think the airball field will be cleaned up for the practice. If it’s still to wet though we will be playing on the hyperball tube field with the pee-gravel. We don’t want to tear up the expensive turf grass on the airball field if it’s too wet. The woodsball areas will be closed for this week too. Many of the bunkers are dug in ground and full of water right now. Any of the lower fields by the river are totally under water and probably won’t be playable for a week or two. I hope its all clear for the Scenario Championships!

The “club house” received no damage and both the compressors and paintball stock room are totally fine. Mother nature just decided to dump on us a little. Nothing we can’t handle I guess. although, it would have been nice to play the five man event today. We had several more teams express interest since my last post and it would have been a fun event. We will be having a five man trophy dash every month through October though. These are great affordable events open to all level of play and provide a great opportunity for people to come out and learn or go up against some of the better teams in the area.


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