Clean up at the Paintball Field

We have been cleaning up the field and are trying to convert it from Jungle Lake back to Jungle Falls like it’s supposed to be =) With our area getting alot of flooding it has been a challenge. Most of the water has gone down and all of the upper fields are playable again. This weekends organized team practice should take place as scheduled pending no heavy rains on Saturday. The turf field dried out quite allot in todays beautiful sunshine.
This was the river last weekend taken from the bridge just down from the field. As you can imagine the lower fields were completely covered. Although, the water level is down from the fields, they are still muddy and unusable for this weekend.

On a good note, some junk has floated onto the field property that we can use as bunkers =) Ya I can always find a positive note to something like this. Most of it was just put into a couple of piles in the wooded areas and it’s officially a “make shift” bunker. We just made sure there were no sharp edges or rusty protrusions that someone could get hurt with or ruin their equipment.

We have managed to run a few drills over the last few days and get in some halfway decent practice. Mark has been working alot due to the flooding. The city has been asking him to work overtime, so our practices have been limited. He should be here in full gear and ready to play this weekend though. Jeff has a family obligation but will also be in attendance at this weekends team practice. He wants to tryout his new Tippmann X7 paintball gun and give it a good break-in!


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