Clean the Paintballs out of your Gutters!

We have our Ultimate airball field set up in my dad’s grassy lot behind his shop. He called me and asked if I would clean out his gutters because they were clogged and flowing over(he can’t climb a ladder). I got out the ladder and set it up to clean his shop gutters. Upon inspection, the gutters were clogged with paintball debris! LOL, seems the balls were bouncing off of the bunkers and landing on the roof, then rolling down into the gutters.

paintballs in gutters

On another note: the team practice last weekend went great. There were 15+ teams that showed and a lot of “free-agents” that we worked in for a full day of fun competitive playing. We all chipped in and bought a half dozen pounds of Festival Foods Oktoberfest brats. If you’ve never had them, I highly suggest them! We grilled out and drank some beers after the practice. Everyone had a great time and the field made out. Even though it was a BYOP we still sold almost 100 cases of PMI premium.

The fields are back in full swing after the flooding. Even the lower fields are back to their old luster! We celebrated with a few games on the lower fields and some silly scenario games like “Civil War”. You must remove your hopper and drop one ball at a time into your gun. It was a blast. We had several versions of the game and made a few others with crazy rules. It’s always a good time with the teams that show up.

This weekend is the 3-man cash dash. It’s $120 entry per team and $60 for a case of PMI premium. It’s 100% payout of entry fee’s. Minimum 15 teams entered, but we already have 17 paid teams and 14 more signed up(unpaid). Entries are due day of tournament for those that haven’t paid yet. It will be on our smaller airball field. All day air is included with entry. Our team will be playing and not reffing this event, so heads up to all you slackers 😉

Just a note: we have totally cleaned out our compressors and have gotten all of the sand out of it. We had them professionally cleaned. After blowing sand into our tanks last week, we were a little concern on upsetting everyone this weekend. Not to worry, it is totally clean and tested. We also have a fresh batch of PMI Premium for this weekends event. We took out two cases and shot some and bounce tested it. We are totally ready for this weekend so come out, enter your 3 man team and play some serious paintball!


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