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Paintballs Powered by Steam?

Posted in paintball events, paintball guns with tags on July 29, 2008 by calebtheredwood

( It seems as Summer goes on people are getting burned out on playing paintball. They are loosing “steam” to play. In Spring everyone is dying to get out and shoot! In mid-Summer people are thinking about doing other things. Fall, as the weather threatens to take a turn for the worst, people have the zest to play again. Maybe the Fall drive is due to the knowledge that play will have to resort to indoor fields of less lit and poor turf play. The deadening sounds of indoor play resulting in poor communication and longer drives to a lesser field.

This Sunday is Commando’s Paintball Extravaganza event. We hope to go and play. It’s one of the few BYOP large events and we like to take advantage of those! Our last few trips there have been very good and we hope to play there more often.

We got a new team paintball vehicle last weekend. It’s a ’96 Chevy Astro. We are in the process of “pimping” this sweet ride to display all of our sponsors and uphold the true nature of paintball. I don’t have a clue what that last part means but it’s going to be very low buget =)

Mark has built his grenade launcher onto his Tippmann X7. I’ll try to post some pics of it in a week or two. It’s a side load pump design and he built a magazine so he can rapid feed/shoot paintball grenades. I think he’s gone too far but he is all about it. That gun has turned into more of a science project than a paintball gun. I bet he doesn’t even have 1000 rounds through it yet and he’s had it for four months.

Jungle Falls is having their swap meet next weekend. It’s a totally free event and everyone is very invited to come out. There will be many tables set up inside and out for people to display their used paintball equipment that they would like to sell/swap/trade. No real firearms are allowed at this event, paintball only items please. The gates will open at 8am and the event will run until 3pm’ish. This is a great opportunity to get rid of some of that old gear or trade up for something new. Last years event was very well populated and ran smoothly. We hope to see you there.


Paintball Field Hopping – Zoom!

Posted in paintball field with tags , on July 23, 2008 by calebtheredwood

Saturday was the 5-man tournament at Jungle Falls then Sunday we jumped into the car and headed up to Commando Paintball Field in Abrams, Wisconsin for their 3-man event. They are about a 5 hour drive North from Jungle Falls. Both events were a great turn out and we placed well in each tournament.

Sundays game had Mark limping off field with a sprained ankle. Our ultra-fast front man became a back guy after stumbling over the snake and landing on the side of his foot. He played the rest of the day in the back stand up showering paintballs down field like a seasoned rear anchor. Jeff switched to front and me to mid. It was a good day of playing at Commando. We ended up taking 3rd, not bad after reshuffling our assigned team positions.

The Jungle Falls 5 man event was a whole different story. We fought tooth and nail just to barely make it into the finals. It seemed like every time we got on the field we were getting beat up. We lost at least one player off of every break, with a couple of games loosing three players on the break. One game we were one on three and charged back to get the flag hang. We kept our points high by getting the flag pull almost every game. We made it into the final four teams by 3 points even though we posted more loses than the next three teams below us in points!

During the final our luck seemed to change a little. The field layout was not in our favor – not many tall cans, it was mostly a front mans game. With our team only having one person under 6 foot it was a challenge. Luckily, our small front man is ultra-fast =) At the end of the day we came out with a 2nd place and took home five new Empire Reloader Hoppers. First place received five new Corssfire paintball tanks, with third taking home some JT gloves and Empire T-shirts.

Tippmann X7 Argument

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Mark is building up his Tippmann X7 for scenario events. He and I were arguing about his stock and what makes a good all purpose add-on. He is looking to make the gun more of a sniper or medium to far away battle gun. Like a heavy gunner with sniper capabilities. Every time I bring up any CQB type usage he always talks about using his pistols(which he is all about).

Tippmann X7 Upgrades

This above picture is his ideal Tippmann X7 setup. My biggest argument is about the folding stock. He doesn’t care about CQB but he wants a folding stock. Every time we are playing a big scenario event and spend time in the prone position, it’s always a lot easier for me to have a gun with a air thru stock. It allows you more movement while keeping your gun forward.

We talked about the Tippmann X7 collapsible stock, but we both agree it isn’t very useful. When it’s collapsed it’s still in the way and when trying to switch the gun around side to side or changing your stance it tends to tangle the air line.

Folding vs. air thru; I vote air thru stock. The Tippmann X7 is all about customization and the upgrades should be useful too. But if Mark wants a folding stock, let him have it(and I’ll flame him continuously.

Paintball ShootOut

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Ah, another busy week here in paintball heaven. I went away for a week and came back to find a storm had gone trough and knocked down several fencing systems. Our North side privicy fence and several poles that hold up netting have broken or become very loose. This darn sandy soild in a terrible anchor. I’ve spend the last 5 days digging out the old poles and posts to replace them with new pieces and concrete anchors. A man’s work is never done…

Tomorrow is a 3-man trophy dash at Jungle Falls paintball field. We are reffing the event as usual. Only 9 teams have preregistered so far. I think a lot fo people are on vacation or have other plans for this weekend. Summer will do that =) We will be serving a free lunch to all paid players of the event. Looks like hot dogs and spegetti with that spicy sauce everyone likes.

Mark has been adding on to his Tippmann X7 and he thinks it’s some kind of super weapon. Now he’s working on the grenade launcher. Says he can create a rapid fire grenade launcher, lol I don’t know why anyone would need one to be rapid fire. The thing is bigger than the gun its self.

Shot through 3 cases of paintballs yesterday. We had a good old shootout in the village after lunch. We had a rule that you stayed in until you were out of paintballs. We each took 7 pods and a hopper full. Then we proceeded to count how many times we each got hit and the team with the least amount added up at the end was the winner. We do stupid things when we are bored. We also played some back-man shooting drills. Lots of breaks and movement from one rear stand up to another.

See you at tomorrows event…

Throwing Paintballs at Paintball Jungle

Posted in paintball practice with tags , , on July 4, 2008 by calebtheredwood

Today we spent some time at Paintball Jungle in the San Fransisco area shooting each other. We met some people we had made contact with on PB Nation and set up a game. Paintball Jungle is a great field, they have a huge airball field with one of the largest snakes I’ve ever seen. There is a “JungleBall” area with tons of forts and good scenario playing areas.

Paintball Jungle Field

We played 4 or 5 games on the airball field before heading to the woods. We shot more paint in the wooded area than I think I’ve ever shoot in the woods before. The area with the TeePees was a blast, you can run and flank you opponents there if you keep multiple people moving and shooting. We spent most of the day running though there.

The people who run the field were very kind and wanted to know everything about our home fields. They also invited us back out for their next tournament. They even gave us a paint discount. Nice people, I highly recommend this field to anyone in the San Francisco area.

Sunday we head back home to Our Jungle Falls paintball field and get ready for the next weeks tournament. We played the last tournament there so we will be reffing this event.

Yesterday we went to the Oakland Zoo and got to feed the Giraffes. They have huge heads and foot long tongues. We fed them slimy bananas and cut-up carrots. My hand was extremely nasty after they slimed me =) Then, in the afternoon we went to Muir woods and saw the huge redwoods. It was absolutely awesome. Amazingly, many people we walking through the trails with their head’s down and talking loudly to each other like they didn’t care at all about their surroundings. I took lot’s of pictures and when I get home, I’ll upload them to my Flickr account and post a link to them.

Tomorrow we are going to the night tour of Alcatraz Island. It should be a great time. I’ve driven with eye shot of the Island and I always though it was farther away from the main-land shore.

See you all Sunday night and happy 4th of July…

The (slow)Week in Paintball

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Not much going on this week. We finished off last weekend with a great paintball tournament. Many team’s showed up and we all battled it out at Jungle Falls Paintball Field. Our team took the podium after a tough final round battle with ‘Team Grease Monkeys’. First to second place was only separated by 7 points. Thanks to the Big Brain Crew for setting up the field and reffing the event.

Grease Monkeys Paintball Team

This weekend there is nothing scheduled at the field so we can all go blow up some fireworks and drink a few beers. We will be out at the field Friday night to shoot our fireworks and use the grilling pits. I plan on cooking a couple of stuffed pork rolls in the smoker too. We aren’t bring our paintball equipment because we plan on drinking. We will bring our tents/camping equipment though because we don’t plan on driving 😉

Next week Mark and I are going to San Fransisco to visit some friends and do touristy things. We are both bringing our girlfriends too. I’m sure they will “run the show”, but he and I will have some fun too. I really want to go see some of the Redwoods and maybe check out the local paintball scene. I’ve already been talking to some people on PBN forums about playing a game or two. I’m leaving my paintball equipment at home though. I don’t even want to think about hauling that half-way across the US to play maybe one or two games.

Two weekends from now – July 13, 2008, will be a five man trophy dash at Jungle Falls. This is an extremely affordable tournament for any team that wants to come out and play very competitive paintball against the best teams in the state and surrounding areas. Entry is $50 a team and $10 per-person for all day air and free lunch. PMI paintballs will be sold for $55 a case. This event will be on the large ultimate air field. These events always have a huge turn out and are a fun fast paced day of super competitive play. See you there…