The (slow)Week in Paintball

Not much going on this week. We finished off last weekend with a great paintball tournament. Many team’s showed up and we all battled it out at Jungle Falls Paintball Field. Our team took the podium after a tough final round battle with ‘Team Grease Monkeys’. First to second place was only separated by 7 points. Thanks to the Big Brain Crew for setting up the field and reffing the event.

Grease Monkeys Paintball Team

This weekend there is nothing scheduled at the field so we can all go blow up some fireworks and drink a few beers. We will be out at the field Friday night to shoot our fireworks and use the grilling pits. I plan on cooking a couple of stuffed pork rolls in the smoker too. We aren’t bring our paintball equipment because we plan on drinking. We will bring our tents/camping equipment though because we don’t plan on driving 😉

Next week Mark and I are going to San Fransisco to visit some friends and do touristy things. We are both bringing our girlfriends too. I’m sure they will “run the show”, but he and I will have some fun too. I really want to go see some of the Redwoods and maybe check out the local paintball scene. I’ve already been talking to some people on PBN forums about playing a game or two. I’m leaving my paintball equipment at home though. I don’t even want to think about hauling that half-way across the US to play maybe one or two games.

Two weekends from now – July 13, 2008, will be a five man trophy dash at Jungle Falls. This is an extremely affordable tournament for any team that wants to come out and play very competitive paintball against the best teams in the state and surrounding areas. Entry is $50 a team and $10 per-person for all day air and free lunch. PMI paintballs will be sold for $55 a case. This event will be on the large ultimate air field. These events always have a huge turn out and are a fun fast paced day of super competitive play. See you there…


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