Throwing Paintballs at Paintball Jungle

Today we spent some time at Paintball Jungle in the San Fransisco area shooting each other. We met some people we had made contact with on PB Nation and set up a game. Paintball Jungle is a great field, they have a huge airball field with one of the largest snakes I’ve ever seen. There is a “JungleBall” area with tons of forts and good scenario playing areas.

Paintball Jungle Field

We played 4 or 5 games on the airball field before heading to the woods. We shot more paint in the wooded area than I think I’ve ever shoot in the woods before. The area with the TeePees was a blast, you can run and flank you opponents there if you keep multiple people moving and shooting. We spent most of the day running though there.

The people who run the field were very kind and wanted to know everything about our home fields. They also invited us back out for their next tournament. They even gave us a paint discount. Nice people, I highly recommend this field to anyone in the San Francisco area.

Sunday we head back home to Our Jungle Falls paintball field and get ready for the next weeks tournament. We played the last tournament there so we will be reffing this event.

Yesterday we went to the Oakland Zoo and got to feed the Giraffes. They have huge heads and foot long tongues. We fed them slimy bananas and cut-up carrots. My hand was extremely nasty after they slimed me =) Then, in the afternoon we went to Muir woods and saw the huge redwoods. It was absolutely awesome. Amazingly, many people we walking through the trails with their head’s down and talking loudly to each other like they didn’t care at all about their surroundings. I took lot’s of pictures and when I get home, I’ll upload them to my Flickr account and post a link to them.

Tomorrow we are going to the night tour of Alcatraz Island. It should be a great time. I’ve driven with eye shot of the Island and I always though it was farther away from the main-land shore.

See you all Sunday night and happy 4th of July…


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