Paintball ShootOut

Ah, another busy week here in paintball heaven. I went away for a week and came back to find a storm had gone trough and knocked down several fencing systems. Our North side privicy fence and several poles that hold up netting have broken or become very loose. This darn sandy soild in a terrible anchor. I’ve spend the last 5 days digging out the old poles and posts to replace them with new pieces and concrete anchors. A man’s work is never done…

Tomorrow is a 3-man trophy dash at Jungle Falls paintball field. We are reffing the event as usual. Only 9 teams have preregistered so far. I think a lot fo people are on vacation or have other plans for this weekend. Summer will do that =) We will be serving a free lunch to all paid players of the event. Looks like hot dogs and spegetti with that spicy sauce everyone likes.

Mark has been adding on to hisĀ Tippmann X7 and he thinks it’s some kind of super weapon. Now he’s working on the grenade launcher. Says he can create a rapid fire grenade launcher, lol I don’t know why anyone would need one to be rapid fire. The thing is bigger than the gun its self.

Shot through 3 cases of paintballs yesterday. We had a good old shootout in the village after lunch. We had a rule that you stayed in until you were out of paintballs. We each took 7 pods and a hopper full. Then we proceeded to count how many times we each got hit and the team with the least amount added up at the end was the winner. We do stupid things when we are bored. We also played some back-man shooting drills. Lots of breaks and movement from one rear stand up to another.

See you at tomorrows event…


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