Tippmann X7 Argument

Mark is building up his Tippmann X7 for scenario events. He and I were arguing about his stock and what makes a good all purpose add-on. He is looking to make the gun more of a sniper or medium to far away battle gun. Like a heavy gunner with sniper capabilities. Every time I bring up any CQB type usage he always talks about using his pistols(which he is all about).

Tippmann X7 Upgrades

This above picture is his ideal Tippmann X7 setup. My biggest argument is about the folding stock. He doesn’t care about CQB but he wants a folding stock. Every time we are playing a big scenario event and spend time in the prone position, it’s always a lot easier for me to have a gun with a air thru stock. It allows you more movement while keeping your gun forward.

We talked about the Tippmann X7 collapsible stock, but we both agree it isn’t very useful. When it’s collapsed it’s still in the way and when trying to switch the gun around side to side or changing your stance it tends to tangle the air line.

Folding vs. air thru; I vote air thru stock. The Tippmann X7 is all about customization and the upgrades should be useful too. But if Mark wants a folding stock, let him have it(and I’ll flame him continuously.


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