Paintball Field Hopping – Zoom!

Saturday was the 5-man tournament at Jungle Falls then Sunday we jumped into the car and headed up to Commando Paintball Field in Abrams, Wisconsin for their 3-man event. They are about a 5 hour drive North from Jungle Falls. Both events were a great turn out and we placed well in each tournament.

Sundays game had Mark limping off field with a sprained ankle. Our ultra-fast front man became a back guy after stumbling over the snake and landing on the side of his foot. He played the rest of the day in the back stand up showering paintballs down field like a seasoned rear anchor. Jeff switched to front and me to mid. It was a good day of playing at Commando. We ended up taking 3rd, not bad after reshuffling our assigned team positions.

The Jungle Falls 5 man event was a whole different story. We fought tooth and nail just to barely make it into the finals. It seemed like every time we got on the field we were getting beat up. We lost at least one player off of every break, with a couple of games loosing three players on the break. One game we were one on three and charged back to get the flag hang. We kept our points high by getting the flag pull almost every game. We made it into the final four teams by 3 points even though we posted more loses than the next three teams below us in points!

During the final our luck seemed to change a little. The field layout was not in our favor – not many tall cans, it was mostly a front mans game. With our team only having one person under 6 foot it was a challenge. Luckily, our small front man is ultra-fast =) At the end of the day we came out with a 2nd place and took home five new Empire Reloader Hoppers. First place received five new Corssfire paintball tanks, with third taking home some JT gloves and Empire T-shirts.


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