Paintballs Powered by Steam?

( It seems as Summer goes on people are getting burned out on playing paintball. They are loosing “steam” to play. In Spring everyone is dying to get out and shoot! In mid-Summer people are thinking about doing other things. Fall, as the weather threatens to take a turn for the worst, people have the zest to play again. Maybe the Fall drive is due to the knowledge that play will have to resort to indoor fields of less lit and poor turf play. The deadening sounds of indoor play resulting in poor communication and longer drives to a lesser field.

This Sunday is Commando’s Paintball Extravaganza event. We hope to go and play. It’s one of the few BYOP large events and we like to take advantage of those! Our last few trips there have been very good and we hope to play there more often.

We got a new team paintball vehicle last weekend. It’s a ’96 Chevy Astro. We are in the process of “pimping” this sweet ride to display all of our sponsors and uphold the true nature of paintball. I don’t have a clue what that last part means but it’s going to be very low buget =)

Mark has built his grenade launcher onto his Tippmann X7. I’ll try to post some pics of it in a week or two. It’s a side load pump design and he built a magazine so he can rapid feed/shoot paintball grenades. I think he’s gone too far but he is all about it. That gun has turned into more of a science project than a paintball gun. I bet he doesn’t even have 1000 rounds through it yet and he’s had it for four months.

Jungle Falls is having their swap meet next weekend. It’s a totally free event and everyone is very invited to come out. There will be many tables set up inside and out for people to display their used paintball equipment that they would like to sell/swap/trade. No real firearms are allowed at this event, paintball only items please. The gates will open at 8am and the event will run until 3pm’ish. This is a great opportunity to get rid of some of that old gear or trade up for something new. Last years event was very well populated and ran smoothly. We hope to see you there.


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