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So bored I cleaned the Paintball Bunkers!

Posted in paintball bunkers with tags on August 18, 2008 by calebtheredwood

Not much happening this last weekend for us at Jungle Falls. We spent half of Saturday out boating and water skiing. The rest of the day we did some snapshooting and break drills. There was only 5 of us so we kept the actual scrimmaging to a minimum. Sunday I cleaned my markers and washed down some of the paintball bunkers.

Dirty Paintball Bunker

I spent a couple of hours Sunday cleaning off our Sup-Air and Ultimate-Air bunkers. I gave them a once over with the pressure washer and some Simple Green cleaner. It’s amazing how nasty some of those bunkers can get in such a short time. The dirt collects around the bottom two feet when you get paint on it. Probably from people sliding into the bunker and kicking up the dirt.

Tonight I patched 3 bunkers that had gotten torn. I know one for sure was hit by someone wearing metal cleats. We strongly enforce a NO METAL CLEATS policy. Yet some people dont give a rats butt. Seems some paintballers think the world revolves around them =)

The lower “junk” bunker fields needed some mowing and filling in of spots. Some of those low lying areas seem to never dry out. Some people enjoy getting extreemely drity. I for one am not one of those people so I filled in some of the holes with pea gravel and sand. Believe me, there are still plenty of places to get yourself filthy on those lower fields. The one side a person could of course choose to slide right into the river.

September 7th’s 5-man event seems a long ways away. I know that time will go fast and I should be enjoying some time off but, I’m used to being more busy all the time. Before you know it, I’ll be cleaning out the indoor field in preperation for the long Winter!


Used Paintball Equipment Swap Meet

Posted in paintball events, paintball guns, Uncategorized with tags on August 13, 2008 by calebtheredwood

So last weekend was the big paintball swap meet at jungle Falls. We had a HUGE turnout and an overall great time. I got rid of alot of my old equipment and held myself from buying any other stuff. We had 23 tables set up and everyone was used. Most people had items very resonably priced and lots of stuff moved.

We also ran a ‘Draw Your Partner’ 3 on 3 mini-event. it was a blast! It cost 5bucks to get in and paid out 100%. Air was free and paint was $50 a case of 2k. We played on the small hyperball field on the lower area. We were also talking about having a “hopperless” event. Everyone would have to load the paintballs by hand!?!? It didn’t happen though, after the DYP 3 on 3 everyone was worn out. So we put the guns away and drank lots of beer =)

We are taking a few weeks off of organized events and running gatherings. September 7th is the next event, we will be reffing a 5-man cash event. It’s $250 entry per team, it includes air, field fee’s. It’s 100% payout!!! Paintballs will be $75 per case of PMI premium. It’s a little more of an expensive event but everyone is always asking for a higher payout event. No other place I’ve ever seen has offered 100% payout no matter how many teams enter!

The field will still be open for the next two weeks if anyone wants to come out and play. We will always be up for getting a couple of teams together to skrimmage or shoot around in the woods.