Current Paintball Madness – They’re all here!

Well, the Fall paintball season has deffinitely started. Last weekends 5-man smash event went off great and we are scheduling group paintbal outings like crazy. It seems that paintball goes from feast to famine and back to feast. The tail end of March things pick up and go into full swing in May and June. The they come to a complete screaching halt July 4th weekend and it’s a ghost town of randomly scatered paintball shells and well assaulted bunkers until the start of September. Now it’s once again nuts! Everyone wants to play. People just show up here like an old Diner with social atributes of a VFW on steroids.

This weekend we are overrun with scheduled group outings and I’m sure we are going to have more walk ons than a Ghetto strip club giving away cash on amateur night. Not that I’m complaining, it’s great money for the field. I just wish it would be a more even type of traffic. It would make it more manageable and we could provide our players with more opportunities and options for play. We are still planning on having the 3-dude trophy dash Sunday morning. We already have 15 teams signed up and over half have pre-paid and several have ordered paintballs for the event.

BYOP – OMG, what can I say about BYOP. Everyone wants to bring their own paintballs. I see these kids shooting white box paintballs and throwing half of them away because they broke in their hoppers, pods or they were all smashed up when they opened the box. WE SELL PAINTBALLS CHEAP! I sell PMI premium for $60 a case, WPN Toxic for $45 a case. How can you find a better deal than that? Yet most people who come out here complain about buying paintballs from me. OK, I’d better stop, this is starting to turn into a bitch session =) We have BYOP days and events. Check the Jungle Falls Paintball Field schedule for those days.


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  1. love to speak to u guys on these gun

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