Cheap Paintball Guns – Going, Going, Gone!

As winter approaches, Jungle Falls is clearing out their inventory of paintball guns. The 2009 models are coming and there are some new models they want to carry. Last weekend they sold several Tippmann A5’s and one 98 Custom. Most of the Cheap paintball guns that are selling are the medium to lower end items. There are two DYE DM7’s and one DM6 waiting for new owners. The Rangers team walked in and said;

“Cheap paintball guns? Sign us up and let’s make a deal!”

Those guys are always in here trying to barter down and trade in some of their stuff. It’s a riot. We also have a HUGE collections of used cheap paintball guns to sell or trade.

Used Cheap Paintball Guns

As the 2009 models come, they will be getting in new markers and probably lower the prices of the used and left-over stuff even more. There is a good chance that the guns will move before long.

In current news, the 5-man cash dash went well two weekends ago. We(Kings) were responsible for reffing again. Last weekends team scrimmage was a fun time too. Several teams stayed late and we grilled out and kind of partied after the practice.

We have been working to ready the indoor field for some serious paintball play, practices and tournaments. Snow will be flying before long! Get ready to get cold and play on artificial turf!

Remember those cheap paintball guns won’t last long. Get into Jungle Falls showroom and make your best deals now. There are some clothing – jersey, pants and t-shirts too. I believe he maybe selling some compressed air tanks and a few loaders cheap too.

You can always buy cheap paintball guns from our friends over at Wolfpack too. They have some kind of 30 day money back guarantee.

Lets hope this coming weekend will bring a large turn out of players and some serious paintball sales so we can get the indoor field up and spanking away! Woot! I’m excited to play inside tournaments.


3 Responses to “Cheap Paintball Guns – Going, Going, Gone!”

  1. petey johnston Says:

    i have a paint ball gun thats miss ing some parts and i cant find them and want a different one so do you want to trade?

  2. want to buy 1 of those guns i like the 1 st 1 on the left black and blue

  3. mitchell schroth Says:

    i have a bt 4 combat i will sale it for 300$ and it comes with everthing 2000 paint ball and stuff like that

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