Winter Paintball Schedule Preview

Wow! A lot of sweaty evenings finalizing the indoor paintball field. The Jungle Falls indoor arena is ready and willing to take on some crazed paintball slinging teams and players. After a month of hanging paintball netting and our custom turf, cleaning and setting up the Ultimate Airball bunkers, and giving the 8,000 dollar compressor/cascade system, we are ready to rock.

The first tournament will be held in the 25,000 square foot arena on November 1st. We are having a 5 man cash dash. It will be only $50 bucks per team for entry(includes compressed air fills). We will be charging $60 per case of PMI premium or Draxxus Blaze. Yes, due to popular demand, we are going to try Draxxus paintballs for the Winter to see how things go. They will be orange shell with a very thick yellow fill. This is the paintball color combo recommended by most paintball gun manufacturers to help eye systems detect the ball in the breach.

This Winter we have picked up some paintball tournament sponsorships to add a little cash to the prizes. All of these cash bonuses will be offered for one tournament each month. They will require a minimum turn out for each tournament. It should be at least an extra $1,000 for each of these events added, spread out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

In other news, the outdoor fields are still going strong. They should be staying open through the first part of December for walk on outdoor play and all around paintball abuse. Last year we had a big Halloween paintball party with a scary costume theme and a huge grill out Halloween night. We had almost 150 walk ons and wiped out the local grocery stores ground beef abd brat supply. We partied all night and left when the sun came up.

The Pro Shop still has some paintball guns to move cheap. Egos and Dye Matrix are looking for new owners to take them home and give them love. There are a few Halos going cheap too. Stop in and see.


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