Stop Shooting Frozen Paintballs at Me!

Another weekend of below freezing temps. The indoor field was being used by the soccer league we rented it to. Of course we wanted to play some paintball, so we headed outside to play. Three of the six guns we had froze up within a few minutes, but three still fired. We played for about 15 minutes all wrapped up in snow gear from head to toe. The paintballs didn’t hurt in all that gear and the paint just kind of flaked off. Then I started noticing the paintballs were not breaking at all. They had become frozen solid rocks. Luckily, we noticed it before one of us took a shot in the paintball masks lens. After returning to the warmth of the shop, we noticed several punctures in Marks big down coat. Frozen paintballs had actually torn through his coat. He didn’t report receiving any painful hits.
frozen paintball
Well, as this week is winding down, we are looking forward to the 3 man cash dash at our indoor field. A whopping 17 teams are expected, and it will be sure to be a great time. No frozen paintballs at this event! It will be a comfortable 65 deg on the field. Now if I can just get Mother Nature to bring Spring in a little early this year so we can move paintball back to the outdoors!


3 Responses to “Stop Shooting Frozen Paintballs at Me!”

  1. That is a good mask that you have in that picture, The JT flex 8 has never fogged on me once. It`s brilliant!

  2. brax&nathan Says:

    thats funny. LOL

  3. when paintballs get cold they get more brittle, they werent breaking because you had all your “winter gear” on

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