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2009 Paintball Loaders and Guns

Posted in foosball, paintball events, paintball field, paintball guns with tags on January 16, 2009 by calebtheredwood

We are trying to stock the pro shop up with the new 2009 equipment. We always get requests to stock high end paintball loaders and guns and some specific smaller products. Every year we get in the high end stuff but people come by and look at it, ask if they can “test” it, but never buy it. Then, at the end of the year, we end up discounting the heck out of it to move the stuff. This year, we are going to order mid-price(and below) paintball guns, and higher end clothing and accessories. We may get one or two big guns in, just for apperance(and we want to “test” it =))


As the year goes on, we will adjust to what people want to buy, and maybe a few things that people want to see. Some of the “totally new for this year” type of stuff, we will get. There are a few guns and a number of paintball loaders that are must haves. It’s always good to have the common stuff on hand in case of break downs during tournaments. Remember though, we are saving up for that nitrogen separator this year =) We need to reduce inventory or at least make it more efficient. I think people will really appreciate the availability of nitrogen fills.

Well, our paintball team has been skipping practices again. The Paintball Kings could be now called The Foosball Kings, lol. We spend too much time playing foos. Even though we have a great indoor field to play in 24/7, it easier to hang out at home, drink a few beers and slap the foosball around. I think we just need a break from it all for a bit. We all still snap shoot a few times a week. We ran some break drills this past weekend for two hours. Our paintball guns are all tuned-up and ready to shoot. Mark has even been adding onto his Tippmann X7, now that his grenade launcher is on(yes, I’m rolling my eyes).

The 5-man beginner tournament this weekend has 8 teams preregistered. I know most of the teams around here don’t qualify for it, and some are upset that they can’t play. These type of tournaments bring in new teams that are normally intimidated to play. They are very important for us to host and we would deeply appreciate it if the more experienced teams would show up to support them. Any coaching help, equipment advise or other constructive help could really ‘spur’ these new paintball players along.


Thank God for Crossfire paintball tanks.

Posted in foosball with tags on June 23, 2008 by calebtheredwood

I sent my tank off to Crossfire Paintball Tanks for a rehydro and cleaning. Opps! Since the flood we seem to have sand in our compressor even though we cleaned out the dryer and changed the filter. It didn’t get under water but with all the sand washing up by the club house, we got sand into the compressor. Most of the tanks we’ve filled in the last couple of weeks have come up with the regulators and fill connectors leaking a bit. Very frustrating.
crossfire paintball tank
I sent my tank into Crossfire Paintball Tanks to have it rehydro’ed since it is due within a year. They said they will rebuild the regulator for only 25$ too. They are also able to hydro any brand of tank and you can upgrade to their regulator for cheap. Not too shabby of a deal. I was thinking of sending in both of my tanks and changing the one from an 800psi output down to the 400psi output. I think I’d get more shots per tank fill. The other tank already has the low pressure output regulator and I think it’s easier on my gun. Not sure if I want to spend the cash though at this point. Both Jeff and Mark run the low output on all of their tanks and they seem to swear by it. Both of my guns have a built in reg anyways but it would still affect the performance and recharge ability of the intermediate reg(can you sense my indecision? lol)

In other Field news, the Jungle Falls owners are going on vacation and leaving the field to us for two weeks! =O This weekend is the team practice that our team will be running. It should be a good turn out and an all around fun time. We are also planning some type of end of Summer party at the field. I know the Summer just started but we need to plan ahead. Most of the regular teams said they would be up for a fun day of playing and a big cookout. Last years event we got 23 paintball teams to show up and we played woods and tournament type games. It was a blast! Several scenario team that swore off tournament play had a great time in the airball field. Even the PSP teams enjoyed the scenario events we did. This weekend we will pass around the idea for input.

Hope to see you all there…

Foosball snakes Paintball again

Posted in foosball, paintball practice with tags , , on June 21, 2008 by calebtheredwood

We had a day full of practice and drills set up for today. We all met at Marks house and Cooked a Fatty. We ate most of it and didn’t feel like going out to play(doh, go figure)! We then started gathering around the foosball table and hitting a few balls around. Mark has a Tornado table that he won from a tournament many moons ago. She’s well played and plays well =)
Tornado foosball table

The day wasn’t a total loss though. We ended up doing some minor snap shooting drills and we all went for a serious bike ride to try to burn off some of the billion calories we consumed. Later on we re-consumed any lost nutrients by making a case(or two) of beer disappear. Mostly New Glarus Spotted Cow and their Road Slush(I call it Road Grime with love). We also had some of their Fat Squirrel, all very good stuff.

Tomorrow is the team practice day at Jungle Falls and we hope to have a butt load of team’s there to help the now “dryer” paintball field recover some costs from the flood clean up. We’ve got about 7 or 8 teams committed so far and several others talking about coming out. We will be trying to switch things up during the days session and play a few switched team round robin type games. It should be a fun day and affordable as it is BYOP. As always, paintballs will be available for sale.

Next week we are going to try to setup a paintball equipment swap meet. Kind of like a rumage sale for everyone to bring their stuff out and trade/sell/barter their old unwanted guns, goggles, ect… It will be a free event and we hope to tie it into a DYP scrimmage. I know I have a Tippmann 98 Custom to get rid of =)