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2009 Paintball Loaders and Guns

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We are trying to stock the pro shop up with the new 2009 equipment. We always get requests to stock high end paintball loaders and guns and some specific smaller products. Every year we get in the high end stuff but people come by and look at it, ask if they can “test” it, but never buy it. Then, at the end of the year, we end up discounting the heck out of it to move the stuff. This year, we are going to order mid-price(and below) paintball guns, and higher end clothing and accessories. We may get one or two big guns in, just for apperance(and we want to “test” it =))


As the year goes on, we will adjust to what people want to buy, and maybe a few things that people want to see. Some of the “totally new for this year” type of stuff, we will get. There are a few guns and a number of paintball loaders that are must haves. It’s always good to have the common stuff on hand in case of break downs during tournaments. Remember though, we are saving up for that nitrogen separator this year =) We need to reduce inventory or at least make it more efficient. I think people will really appreciate the availability of nitrogen fills.

Well, our paintball team has been skipping practices again. The Paintball Kings could be now called The Foosball Kings, lol. We spend too much time playing foos. Even though we have a great indoor field to play in 24/7, it easier to hang out at home, drink a few beers and slap the foosball around. I think we just need a break from it all for a bit. We all still snap shoot a few times a week. We ran some break drills this past weekend for two hours. Our paintball guns are all tuned-up and ready to shoot. Mark has even been adding onto his Tippmann X7, now that his grenade launcher is on(yes, I’m rolling my eyes).

The 5-man beginner tournament this weekend has 8 teams preregistered. I know most of the teams around here don’t qualify for it, and some are upset that they can’t play. These type of tournaments bring in new teams that are normally intimidated to play. They are very important for us to host and we would deeply appreciate it if the more experienced teams would show up to support them. Any coaching help, equipment advise or other constructive help could really ‘spur’ these new paintball players along.


Used Paintball Equipment Swap Meet

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So last weekend was the big paintball swap meet at jungle Falls. We had a HUGE turnout and an overall great time. I got rid of alot of my old equipment and held myself from buying any other stuff. We had 23 tables set up and everyone was used. Most people had items very resonably priced and lots of stuff moved.

We also ran a ‘Draw Your Partner’ 3 on 3 mini-event. it was a blast! It cost 5bucks to get in and paid out 100%. Air was free and paint was $50 a case of 2k. We played on the small hyperball field on the lower area. We were also talking about having a “hopperless” event. Everyone would have to load the paintballs by hand!?!? It didn’t happen though, after the DYP 3 on 3 everyone was worn out. So we put the guns away and drank lots of beer =)

We are taking a few weeks off of organized events and running gatherings. September 7th is the next event, we will be reffing a 5-man cash event. It’s $250 entry per team, it includes air, field fee’s. It’s 100% payout!!! Paintballs will be $75 per case of PMI premium. It’s a little more of an expensive event but everyone is always asking for a higher payout event. No other place I’ve ever seen has offered 100% payout no matter how many teams enter!

The field will still be open for the next two weeks if anyone wants to come out and play. We will always be up for getting a couple of teams together to skrimmage or shoot around in the woods.

Paintballs Powered by Steam?

Posted in paintball events, paintball guns with tags on July 29, 2008 by calebtheredwood

( It seems as Summer goes on people are getting burned out on playing paintball. They are loosing “steam” to play. In Spring everyone is dying to get out and shoot! In mid-Summer people are thinking about doing other things. Fall, as the weather threatens to take a turn for the worst, people have the zest to play again. Maybe the Fall drive is due to the knowledge that play will have to resort to indoor fields of less lit and poor turf play. The deadening sounds of indoor play resulting in poor communication and longer drives to a lesser field.

This Sunday is Commando’s Paintball Extravaganza event. We hope to go and play. It’s one of the few BYOP large events and we like to take advantage of those! Our last few trips there have been very good and we hope to play there more often.

We got a new team paintball vehicle last weekend. It’s a ’96 Chevy Astro. We are in the process of “pimping” this sweet ride to display all of our sponsors and uphold the true nature of paintball. I don’t have a clue what that last part means but it’s going to be very low buget =)

Mark has built his grenade launcher onto his Tippmann X7. I’ll try to post some pics of it in a week or two. It’s a side load pump design and he built a magazine so he can rapid feed/shoot paintball grenades. I think he’s gone too far but he is all about it. That gun has turned into more of a science project than a paintball gun. I bet he doesn’t even have 1000 rounds through it yet and he’s had it for four months.

Jungle Falls is having their swap meet next weekend. It’s a totally free event and everyone is very invited to come out. There will be many tables set up inside and out for people to display their used paintball equipment that they would like to sell/swap/trade. No real firearms are allowed at this event, paintball only items please. The gates will open at 8am and the event will run until 3pm’ish. This is a great opportunity to get rid of some of that old gear or trade up for something new. Last years event was very well populated and ran smoothly. We hope to see you there.

Tippmann X7 Argument

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Mark is building up his Tippmann X7 for scenario events. He and I were arguing about his stock and what makes a good all purpose add-on. He is looking to make the gun more of a sniper or medium to far away battle gun. Like a heavy gunner with sniper capabilities. Every time I bring up any CQB type usage he always talks about using his pistols(which he is all about).

Tippmann X7 Upgrades

This above picture is his ideal Tippmann X7 setup. My biggest argument is about the folding stock. He doesn’t care about CQB but he wants a folding stock. Every time we are playing a big scenario event and spend time in the prone position, it’s always a lot easier for me to have a gun with a air thru stock. It allows you more movement while keeping your gun forward.

We talked about the Tippmann X7 collapsible stock, but we both agree it isn’t very useful. When it’s collapsed it’s still in the way and when trying to switch the gun around side to side or changing your stance it tends to tangle the air line.

Folding vs. air thru; I vote air thru stock. The Tippmann X7 is all about customization and the upgrades should be useful too. But if Mark wants a folding stock, let him have it(and I’ll flame him continuously.

Paintball vs Foosball

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Ya, we are all hardcore foosball players here. Today it was; go out and work on snap shooting and other paintball drills or hang out and play foosball. Guess which we chose? Foosball! Mark even got his new Tippmann X7 paintball gun this week. He has plans of upgrading it before he breaks it in though.
foosball table soccer
So the four of us spend most of the day playing foosball. We did a round robin one on one tournament. Then we played teams of every variety. Then we did a forward shoot out, which I hate, and a goally wars, which I also hate. As usual, I dominated on the five man! I am the only one who is a lefty though.
So with our air ball practice field set up and the grass freshly mowed, we didn’t practice paintball today. All the local paintball teams can breath a sigh of relief, lol. Tomorrow(Saturday), you can bet we will be arming our paintball guns and hard at it shooting each other and any other team that wants to scrimmage us.
There is a five man open tournament at Jungle falls paintball field though this Sunday. We aren’t reffing so I’m sure we will be playing if our fifth feels like traveling up here. There are only 5 teams preregistered though. I’m not sure it will be a great turn out. Its only trophies for first through third and a trophy for the sportsmanship award. But, entry fees are only 15 per person and include all day comp air fills and free lunch. Its also a field paint only event with PMI Premium paintballs for $55.00 a case, not a bad price.
I guess if we don’t play we will be inside playing foosball all day. I need to work on my roll over any way. I have a hard time hitting a long pull snake. IDK what my problem is. I guess my arm just doesn’t work that way.

BioWars at Skirmish Paintball Field

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We just got back from a long weekend of playing and partying. Sunday we went to Biowars at Skirmish paintball field in Jim Thorpe, PA. That was a crazy scenario and an all around fun time. Although, we were a little hungover that morning we did survive! I couldn’t blog like I though I could, because our stupid hotel didn’t have Internet and we didn’t feel like finding access else where.

They have one of the hugest castles that I have ever played in with tons of levels and rooms. There are lots of windows to hang out of and shoot from. Its hard to attack into it, but fun to defend from.

Skirmish paintball field castle

We originally set out to play with our(built for these scenario) Tippmann A5’s but I found myself switching to my Dye DM7 fairly quick due to the high level of players there. We ended up going through 2 cases of paint each. There was more paintballs flying at this event than any I had played for a long time.

I’m home this morning nursing my welts, including the dinger I took to the side of my neck! I also tore my camo pants like a fat man bending over. I think we laughed for about a half hour when that happened. Luckily, it was after the day was over and we were just packing up our paintball stuff.

They are having an “Invasion of Normandy” event in July. If we don’t end up in San Fransisco that weekend we will for sure attend that event too. The field is really awesome and they had food available throughout the day(maybe why I split my pants).

Tippmann X7 Sniper Upgrades

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The Tippmann X7 is one of the coolest scenario upgradeable paintball weapons we’ve seen. The gun is totally able to trans form into a M16, MP5, AK47, UMP or G36. The available upgrade kits are almost endless and most are affordable. The cool appearance of these guns induce a tough war like impression.Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun

Ome of the coolest things about this gun is the ability to field strip it and interchange repair parts with an A5. Its built with many of the same internals as the extremely popular A5. Many of the same internal mods will switch between the two guns also.

Our team doesn’t own any Tippmann X7’s at this time but we do have two A5’s and are looking forward to upgrading to the X7 some day. If your interested in looking at the available upgrades to trick out your X7 have a look at Tippmann X7 Upgrades.

Keep Paintballing!!