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Stop Shooting Frozen Paintballs at Me!

Posted in paintball practice with tags on January 29, 2009 by calebtheredwood

Another weekend of below freezing temps. The indoor field was being used by the soccer league we rented it to. Of course we wanted to play some paintball, so we headed outside to play. Three of the six guns we had froze up within a few minutes, but three still fired. We played for about 15 minutes all wrapped up in snow gear from head to toe. The paintballs didn’t hurt in all that gear and the paint just kind of flaked off. Then I started noticing the paintballs were not breaking at all. They had become frozen solid rocks. Luckily, we noticed it before one of us took a shot in the paintball masks lens. After returning to the warmth of the shop, we noticed several punctures in Marks big down coat. Frozen paintballs had actually torn through his coat. He didn’t report receiving any painful hits.
frozen paintball
Well, as this week is winding down, we are looking forward to the 3 man cash dash at our indoor field. A whopping 17 teams are expected, and it will be sure to be a great time. No frozen paintballs at this event! It will be a comfortable 65 deg on the field. Now if I can just get Mother Nature to bring Spring in a little early this year so we can move paintball back to the outdoors!


Paintball after the Holidays

Posted in paintball events, paintball practice with tags on January 8, 2009 by calebtheredwood

Wow, what a crazy holiday season for all the Paintball Kings members. I was gone for three weeks to Mexico sucking up the sun and cheap living. Mark worked almost 90 hours a week sucking up some serious amounts of cash. Jeff was helping an I’ll family member(who is doing good now). To say the least, we have not been playing much paintball lately or helping out at the Jungle Falls Paintball Park.


We plan on restarting team action after January. Things are just too darn crazy this year. Seems every year older we get, the more difficult it is to remain focused on this great sport. Soon, wives, kids, jobs and unknown responsibilities will work harder than ever to pry paintball out of our lives. With last years collapse/bankruptcy of the NPPL, it’s just one more thing to break down our established activities.

The fields at Jungle Falls are covered in ice and snow, but the indoor field is in great condition for playing. We try to keep it about 60-65deg and 80% humidity. It’s a great playing condition and keeps you running and dodging those 300fps paintballs. Also, the new air compressor we installed last summer(that got full of sand in the floods) has been working great and we are glad it survived the rebuild from the flood. We are planning on getting a nitrogen separator sometime in spring to early summer. It’s a big investment, but with some of the very large tournaments we are planning on holding this year(2009), we think it will be a great addition to the field.

2009, what’s in store for the Paintball King Team? We have loads of tournaments and some larger scenarios planned for this paintball season. We will be reffing events at Jungle Falls all season(as usual). Jeff and Mark are setting up some snap shooting areas in the back of the house. Most of their backyard is now covered with paintball netting, lol. If we can stay off of the foosball table, we hope to do a twice daily snap shooting drill. The rest of the year is open to last minute game invites and maybe a few fill in games here and there. We will probably post our schedule as it becomes more full and we can see for sure that these dates are going to happen.

Good luck to all in 2009, Happy New Year!

2008 Paintball Tournaments

Posted in paintball events, paintball field, paintball practice on October 19, 2008 by calebtheredwood

Almost another paintball season done for the year. It’s been a crazy year with the flooding we got in June/July. The compressor going down with the sand. And all the crazy teams events that were overbooked. Paintball has been good to us this year. I can only hope next year will prove to be as hot for local paintball teams and area tournaments.

This weekend we had 23 teams come out for the free team practice and cook out. It was a BYOP event and air + field fee was free. It was a great time and I am worn out to say the least.

November starts the series of sponsored paintball events in the indoor field. It should be a busy winter for Jungle Falls paintball field again. The field is set up and everyone agrees it should be a great indoor season.

The Indoor Paintball Field is almost ready.

Posted in paintball events, paintball field, paintball practice with tags , , , on October 4, 2008 by calebtheredwood

We spent the whole week working on the indoor paintball field. The new turf we got last spring is down. The new nets are up on the ceiling and most of the walls are covered. The staging area still needs a lot of work and the concessions area isn’t quite done yet. We’ve built two new fill stations and a test & tune area. The six web cams spread around the field will help the spectators both online and at the field watch the events safely. It should be a great year.

We need to clean off the ultimate air bunkers before we bring them in and set up a field layout. As soon as we get some dates confirmed without potential area conflicts, we will post the winter tournament schedule. It should be a full winter with affordable tournaments and team practices. We are still planning on having a once a month BYOP open play day. They will be a $25.00 half day open play. Keep in mind Jungle Falls does not allow red or pink paintballs. Also, some white paintballs have proven to not wash out. So we will be watching how that goes this year and maybe banning white paintballs as well(per other players request).

As most of you know, the indoor field is attached to the back of the showroom and the outside field staging shelter. The paintball compressor connects to the inside field as well. We will still be filling to 4500psi and have plenty of CO2 on hand. The showroom will be open 5 days a week again this winter, but the hours will be reduced to 2pm to 8pm wed-thur, 2 to11pm fri, 8am to 11pm sat, and 8am to 5pm sun. Obviously it will be closed mon and tues.

Paintball ShootOut

Posted in paintball events, paintball practice with tags , on July 12, 2008 by calebtheredwood

Ah, another busy week here in paintball heaven. I went away for a week and came back to find a storm had gone trough and knocked down several fencing systems. Our North side privicy fence and several poles that hold up netting have broken or become very loose. This darn sandy soild in a terrible anchor. I’ve spend the last 5 days digging out the old poles and posts to replace them with new pieces and concrete anchors. A man’s work is never done…

Tomorrow is a 3-man trophy dash at Jungle Falls paintball field. We are reffing the event as usual. Only 9 teams have preregistered so far. I think a lot fo people are on vacation or have other plans for this weekend. Summer will do that =) We will be serving a free lunch to all paid players of the event. Looks like hot dogs and spegetti with that spicy sauce everyone likes.

Mark has been adding on to his Tippmann X7 and he thinks it’s some kind of super weapon. Now he’s working on the grenade launcher. Says he can create a rapid fire grenade launcher, lol I don’t know why anyone would need one to be rapid fire. The thing is bigger than the gun its self.

Shot through 3 cases of paintballs yesterday. We had a good old shootout in the village after lunch. We had a rule that you stayed in until you were out of paintballs. We each took 7 pods and a hopper full. Then we proceeded to count how many times we each got hit and the team with the least amount added up at the end was the winner. We do stupid things when we are bored. We also played some back-man shooting drills. Lots of breaks and movement from one rear stand up to another.

See you at tomorrows event…

Throwing Paintballs at Paintball Jungle

Posted in paintball practice with tags , , on July 4, 2008 by calebtheredwood

Today we spent some time at Paintball Jungle in the San Fransisco area shooting each other. We met some people we had made contact with on PB Nation and set up a game. Paintball Jungle is a great field, they have a huge airball field with one of the largest snakes I’ve ever seen. There is a “JungleBall” area with tons of forts and good scenario playing areas.

Paintball Jungle Field

We played 4 or 5 games on the airball field before heading to the woods. We shot more paint in the wooded area than I think I’ve ever shoot in the woods before. The area with the TeePees was a blast, you can run and flank you opponents there if you keep multiple people moving and shooting. We spent most of the day running though there.

The people who run the field were very kind and wanted to know everything about our home fields. They also invited us back out for their next tournament. They even gave us a paint discount. Nice people, I highly recommend this field to anyone in the San Francisco area.

Sunday we head back home to Our Jungle Falls paintball field and get ready for the next weeks tournament. We played the last tournament there so we will be reffing this event.

Yesterday we went to the Oakland Zoo and got to feed the Giraffes. They have huge heads and foot long tongues. We fed them slimy bananas and cut-up carrots. My hand was extremely nasty after they slimed me =) Then, in the afternoon we went to Muir woods and saw the huge redwoods. It was absolutely awesome. Amazingly, many people we walking through the trails with their head’s down and talking loudly to each other like they didn’t care at all about their surroundings. I took lot’s of pictures and when I get home, I’ll upload them to my Flickr account and post a link to them.

Tomorrow we are going to the night tour of Alcatraz Island. It should be a great time. I’ve driven with eye shot of the Island and I always though it was farther away from the main-land shore.

See you all Sunday night and happy 4th of July…

Clean the Paintballs out of your Gutters!

Posted in paintball events, paintball practice with tags on June 27, 2008 by calebtheredwood

We have our Ultimate airball field set up in my dad’s grassy lot behind his shop. He called me and asked if I would clean out his gutters because they were clogged and flowing over(he can’t climb a ladder). I got out the ladder and set it up to clean his shop gutters. Upon inspection, the gutters were clogged with paintball debris! LOL, seems the balls were bouncing off of the bunkers and landing on the roof, then rolling down into the gutters.

paintballs in gutters

On another note: the team practice last weekend went great. There were 15+ teams that showed and a lot of “free-agents” that we worked in for a full day of fun competitive playing. We all chipped in and bought a half dozen pounds of Festival Foods Oktoberfest brats. If you’ve never had them, I highly suggest them! We grilled out and drank some beers after the practice. Everyone had a great time and the field made out. Even though it was a BYOP we still sold almost 100 cases of PMI premium.

The fields are back in full swing after the flooding. Even the lower fields are back to their old luster! We celebrated with a few games on the lower fields and some silly scenario games like “Civil War”. You must remove your hopper and drop one ball at a time into your gun. It was a blast. We had several versions of the game and made a few others with crazy rules. It’s always a good time with the teams that show up.

This weekend is the 3-man cash dash. It’s $120 entry per team and $60 for a case of PMI premium. It’s 100% payout of entry fee’s. Minimum 15 teams entered, but we already have 17 paid teams and 14 more signed up(unpaid). Entries are due day of tournament for those that haven’t paid yet. It will be on our smaller airball field. All day air is included with entry. Our team will be playing and not reffing this event, so heads up to all you slackers 😉

Just a note: we have totally cleaned out our compressors and have gotten all of the sand out of it. We had them professionally cleaned. After blowing sand into our tanks last week, we were a little concern on upsetting everyone this weekend. Not to worry, it is totally clean and tested. We also have a fresh batch of PMI Premium for this weekends event. We took out two cases and shot some and bounce tested it. We are totally ready for this weekend so come out, enter your 3 man team and play some serious paintball!