The Indoor Paintball Field is almost ready.

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We spent the whole week working on the indoor paintball field. The new turf we got last spring is down. The new nets are up on the ceiling and most of the walls are covered. The staging area still needs a lot of work and the concessions area isn’t quite done yet. We’ve built two new fill stations and a test & tune area. The six web cams spread around the field will help the spectators both online and at the field watch the events safely. It should be a great year.

We need to clean off the ultimate air bunkers before we bring them in and set up a field layout. As soon as we get some dates confirmed without potential area conflicts, we will post the winter tournament schedule. It should be a full winter with affordable tournaments and team practices. We are still planning on having a once a month BYOP open play day. They will be a $25.00 half day open play. Keep in mind Jungle Falls does not allow red or pink paintballs. Also, some white paintballs have proven to not wash out. So we will be watching how that goes this year and maybe banning white paintballs as well(per other players request).

As most of you know, the indoor field is attached to the back of the showroom and the outside field staging shelter. The paintball compressor connects to the inside field as well. We will still be filling to 4500psi and have plenty of CO2 on hand. The showroom will be open 5 days a week again this winter, but the hours will be reduced to 2pm to 8pm wed-thur, 2 to11pm fri, 8am to 11pm sat, and 8am to 5pm sun. Obviously it will be closed mon and tues.


Cheap Paintball Guns – Going, Going, Gone!

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As winter approaches, Jungle Falls is clearing out their inventory of paintball guns. The 2009 models are coming and there are some new models they want to carry. Last weekend they sold several Tippmann A5’s and one 98 Custom. Most of the Cheap paintball guns that are selling are the medium to lower end items. There are two DYE DM7’s and one DM6 waiting for new owners. The Rangers team walked in and said;

“Cheap paintball guns? Sign us up and let’s make a deal!”

Those guys are always in here trying to barter down and trade in some of their stuff. It’s a riot. We also have a HUGE collections of used cheap paintball guns to sell or trade.

Used Cheap Paintball Guns

As the 2009 models come, they will be getting in new markers and probably lower the prices of the used and left-over stuff even more. There is a good chance that the guns will move before long.

In current news, the 5-man cash dash went well two weekends ago. We(Kings) were responsible for reffing again. Last weekends team scrimmage was a fun time too. Several teams stayed late and we grilled out and kind of partied after the practice.

We have been working to ready the indoor field for some serious paintball play, practices and tournaments. Snow will be flying before long! Get ready to get cold and play on artificial turf!

Remember those cheap paintball guns won’t last long. Get into Jungle Falls showroom and make your best deals now. There are some clothing – jersey, pants and t-shirts too. I believe he maybe selling some compressed air tanks and a few loaders cheap too.

You can always buy cheap paintball guns from our friends over at Wolfpack too. They have some kind of 30 day money back guarantee.

Lets hope this coming weekend will bring a large turn out of players and some serious paintball sales so we can get the indoor field up and spanking away! Woot! I’m excited to play inside tournaments.

Current Paintball Madness – They’re all here!

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Well, the Fall paintball season has deffinitely started. Last weekends 5-man smash event went off great and we are scheduling group paintbal outings like crazy. It seems that paintball goes from feast to famine and back to feast. The tail end of March things pick up and go into full swing in May and June. The they come to a complete screaching halt July 4th weekend and it’s a ghost town of randomly scatered paintball shells and well assaulted bunkers until the start of September. Now it’s once again nuts! Everyone wants to play. People just show up here like an old Diner with social atributes of a VFW on steroids.

This weekend we are overrun with scheduled group outings and I’m sure we are going to have more walk ons than a Ghetto strip club giving away cash on amateur night. Not that I’m complaining, it’s great money for the field. I just wish it would be a more even type of traffic. It would make it more manageable and we could provide our players with more opportunities and options for play. We are still planning on having the 3-dude trophy dash Sunday morning. We already have 15 teams signed up and over half have pre-paid and several have ordered paintballs for the event.

BYOP – OMG, what can I say about BYOP. Everyone wants to bring their own paintballs. I see these kids shooting white box paintballs and throwing half of them away because they broke in their hoppers, pods or they were all smashed up when they opened the box. WE SELL PAINTBALLS CHEAP! I sell PMI premium for $60 a case, WPN Toxic for $45 a case. How can you find a better deal than that? Yet most people who come out here complain about buying paintballs from me. OK, I’d better stop, this is starting to turn into a bitch session =) We have BYOP days and events. Check the Jungle Falls Paintball Field schedule for those days.

So bored I cleaned the Paintball Bunkers!

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Not much happening this last weekend for us at Jungle Falls. We spent half of Saturday out boating and water skiing. The rest of the day we did some snapshooting and break drills. There was only 5 of us so we kept the actual scrimmaging to a minimum. Sunday I cleaned my markers and washed down some of the paintball bunkers.

Dirty Paintball Bunker

I spent a couple of hours Sunday cleaning off our Sup-Air and Ultimate-Air bunkers. I gave them a once over with the pressure washer and some Simple Green cleaner. It’s amazing how nasty some of those bunkers can get in such a short time. The dirt collects around the bottom two feet when you get paint on it. Probably from people sliding into the bunker and kicking up the dirt.

Tonight I patched 3 bunkers that had gotten torn. I know one for sure was hit by someone wearing metal cleats. We strongly enforce a NO METAL CLEATS policy. Yet some people dont give a rats butt. Seems some paintballers think the world revolves around them =)

The lower “junk” bunker fields needed some mowing and filling in of spots. Some of those low lying areas seem to never dry out. Some people enjoy getting extreemely drity. I for one am not one of those people so I filled in some of the holes with pea gravel and sand. Believe me, there are still plenty of places to get yourself filthy on those lower fields. The one side a person could of course choose to slide right into the river.

September 7th’s 5-man event seems a long ways away. I know that time will go fast and I should be enjoying some time off but, I’m used to being more busy all the time. Before you know it, I’ll be cleaning out the indoor field in preperation for the long Winter!

Used Paintball Equipment Swap Meet

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So last weekend was the big paintball swap meet at jungle Falls. We had a HUGE turnout and an overall great time. I got rid of alot of my old equipment and held myself from buying any other stuff. We had 23 tables set up and everyone was used. Most people had items very resonably priced and lots of stuff moved.

We also ran a ‘Draw Your Partner’ 3 on 3 mini-event. it was a blast! It cost 5bucks to get in and paid out 100%. Air was free and paint was $50 a case of 2k. We played on the small hyperball field on the lower area. We were also talking about having a “hopperless” event. Everyone would have to load the paintballs by hand!?!? It didn’t happen though, after the DYP 3 on 3 everyone was worn out. So we put the guns away and drank lots of beer =)

We are taking a few weeks off of organized events and running gatherings. September 7th is the next event, we will be reffing a 5-man cash event. It’s $250 entry per team, it includes air, field fee’s. It’s 100% payout!!! Paintballs will be $75 per case of PMI premium. It’s a little more of an expensive event but everyone is always asking for a higher payout event. No other place I’ve ever seen has offered 100% payout no matter how many teams enter!

The field will still be open for the next two weeks if anyone wants to come out and play. We will always be up for getting a couple of teams together to skrimmage or shoot around in the woods.

Paintballs Powered by Steam?

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( It seems as Summer goes on people are getting burned out on playing paintball. They are loosing “steam” to play. In Spring everyone is dying to get out and shoot! In mid-Summer people are thinking about doing other things. Fall, as the weather threatens to take a turn for the worst, people have the zest to play again. Maybe the Fall drive is due to the knowledge that play will have to resort to indoor fields of less lit and poor turf play. The deadening sounds of indoor play resulting in poor communication and longer drives to a lesser field.

This Sunday is Commando’s Paintball Extravaganza event. We hope to go and play. It’s one of the few BYOP large events and we like to take advantage of those! Our last few trips there have been very good and we hope to play there more often.

We got a new team paintball vehicle last weekend. It’s a ’96 Chevy Astro. We are in the process of “pimping” this sweet ride to display all of our sponsors and uphold the true nature of paintball. I don’t have a clue what that last part means but it’s going to be very low buget =)

Mark has built his grenade launcher onto his Tippmann X7. I’ll try to post some pics of it in a week or two. It’s a side load pump design and he built a magazine so he can rapid feed/shoot paintball grenades. I think he’s gone too far but he is all about it. That gun has turned into more of a science project than a paintball gun. I bet he doesn’t even have 1000 rounds through it yet and he’s had it for four months.

Jungle Falls is having their swap meet next weekend. It’s a totally free event and everyone is very invited to come out. There will be many tables set up inside and out for people to display their used paintball equipment that they would like to sell/swap/trade. No real firearms are allowed at this event, paintball only items please. The gates will open at 8am and the event will run until 3pm’ish. This is a great opportunity to get rid of some of that old gear or trade up for something new. Last years event was very well populated and ran smoothly. We hope to see you there.

Paintball Field Hopping – Zoom!

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Saturday was the 5-man tournament at Jungle Falls then Sunday we jumped into the car and headed up to Commando Paintball Field in Abrams, Wisconsin for their 3-man event. They are about a 5 hour drive North from Jungle Falls. Both events were a great turn out and we placed well in each tournament.

Sundays game had Mark limping off field with a sprained ankle. Our ultra-fast front man became a back guy after stumbling over the snake and landing on the side of his foot. He played the rest of the day in the back stand up showering paintballs down field like a seasoned rear anchor. Jeff switched to front and me to mid. It was a good day of playing at Commando. We ended up taking 3rd, not bad after reshuffling our assigned team positions.

The Jungle Falls 5 man event was a whole different story. We fought tooth and nail just to barely make it into the finals. It seemed like every time we got on the field we were getting beat up. We lost at least one player off of every break, with a couple of games loosing three players on the break. One game we were one on three and charged back to get the flag hang. We kept our points high by getting the flag pull almost every game. We made it into the final four teams by 3 points even though we posted more loses than the next three teams below us in points!

During the final our luck seemed to change a little. The field layout was not in our favor – not many tall cans, it was mostly a front mans game. With our team only having one person under 6 foot it was a challenge. Luckily, our small front man is ultra-fast =) At the end of the day we came out with a 2nd place and took home five new Empire Reloader Hoppers. First place received five new Corssfire paintball tanks, with third taking home some JT gloves and Empire T-shirts.