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Paintball Shoes – Essential Equipment

Posted in paintball gear with tags , , , on July 21, 2010 by calebtheredwood

We’ve seen so many people try to play on our airball fields with metal cleats. I can’t tell you how big of a no-no that is. Forget about my 20 thousand dollars in airball bunkers, what about stepping on other players. Those accidents happen more often in the pits when people are screwing around. Then, we always get the dreaded calls from the upset parents that their son got a big infected cut from some kid accidentally digging in his metal cleats. Didn’t they outlaw and stop selling those things in the 80’s?

Purchasing yourself some good paintball shoes is definitely an essential thing for any serious paintball player. Especially speedball players or anyone who is going to play in the Winter on our indoor turf. Exalt makes some very nice paintball minded cleats(their TRX model) that are effective and very affordable. They come with two different depths/lengths of cleats that can be easily changed out to match your playing conditions.

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Exalt TRX Paintball Shoes/Cleats

Another huge benefit of having real paintball shoes is maintaining the correct support and footing needed for this very demanding sport. How often have you had to look down at your feet to check your footing when you should have been looking down field while your competitor switched bunkers? Having a true sporting cleat gives you better feel of the ground or turf that you’re standing on. It also properly supports your foot when you are starting and stopping quickly, turning sharply or launching yourself into a bunker on the shotgun start.

Don’t be left out on the field with heavy boots that will wear you down during a long day of paintballing. Too often we see players lugging around in boots they use to go hunting or work in.

Don’t be afraid to get shoes like the Exalt TRX muddy. They come with a bag that you can throw them in for the ride home. They are also easy to take apart and hose off, leaving them fresh and ready for your next paintball outing.

If you’re used to wearing heavy boots or some hand-me-down throw away shoes, you will be amazed at how much of a difference paintball shoes will make. They are super light and will make your high speed maneuvering seem effortless, not to mention the extra support. If you are ready to take the next STEP up in your game, take a serious look at the Exalt TRX Paintball Shoes.