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Foosball snakes Paintball again

Posted in foosball, paintball practice with tags , , on June 21, 2008 by calebtheredwood

We had a day full of practice and drills set up for today. We all met at Marks house and Cooked a Fatty. We ate most of it and didn’t feel like going out to play(doh, go figure)! We then started gathering around the foosball table and hitting a few balls around. Mark has a Tornado table that he won from a tournament many moons ago. She’s well played and plays well =)
Tornado foosball table

The day wasn’t a total loss though. We ended up doing some minor snap shooting drills and we all went for a serious bike ride to try to burn off some of the billion calories we consumed. Later on we re-consumed any lost nutrients by making a case(or two) of beer disappear. Mostly New Glarus Spotted Cow and their Road Slush(I call it Road Grime with love). We also had some of their Fat Squirrel, all very good stuff.

Tomorrow is the team practice day at Jungle Falls and we hope to have a butt load of team’s there to help the now “dryer” paintball field recover some costs from the flood clean up. We’ve got about 7 or 8 teams committed so far and several others talking about coming out. We will be trying to switch things up during the days session and play a few switched team round robin type games. It should be a fun day and affordable as it is BYOP. As always, paintballs will be available for sale.

Next week we are going to try to setup a paintball equipment swap meet. Kind of like a rumage sale for everyone to bring their stuff out and trade/sell/barter their old unwanted guns, goggles, ect… It will be a free event and we hope to tie it into a DYP scrimmage. I know I have a Tippmann 98 Custom to get rid of =)


Clean up at the Paintball Field

Posted in paintball events, paintball practice with tags , on June 19, 2008 by calebtheredwood

We have been cleaning up the field and are trying to convert it from Jungle Lake back to Jungle Falls like it’s supposed to be =) With our area getting alot of flooding it has been a challenge. Most of the water has gone down and all of the upper fields are playable again. This weekends organized team practice should take place as scheduled pending no heavy rains on Saturday. The turf field dried out quite allot in todays beautiful sunshine.
This was the river last weekend taken from the bridge just down from the field. As you can imagine the lower fields were completely covered. Although, the water level is down from the fields, they are still muddy and unusable for this weekend.

On a good note, some junk has floated onto the field property that we can use as bunkers =) Ya I can always find a positive note to something like this. Most of it was just put into a couple of piles in the wooded areas and it’s officially a “make shift” bunker. We just made sure there were no sharp edges or rusty protrusions that someone could get hurt with or ruin their equipment.

We have managed to run a few drills over the last few days and get in some halfway decent practice. Mark has been working alot due to the flooding. The city has been asking him to work overtime, so our practices have been limited. He should be here in full gear and ready to play this weekend though. Jeff has a family obligation but will also be in attendance at this weekends team practice. He wants to tryout his new Tippmann X7 paintball gun and give it a good break-in!

Paintball vs Foosball

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Ya, we are all hardcore foosball players here. Today it was; go out and work on snap shooting and other paintball drills or hang out and play foosball. Guess which we chose? Foosball! Mark even got his new Tippmann X7 paintball gun this week. He has plans of upgrading it before he breaks it in though.
foosball table soccer
So the four of us spend most of the day playing foosball. We did a round robin one on one tournament. Then we played teams of every variety. Then we did a forward shoot out, which I hate, and a goally wars, which I also hate. As usual, I dominated on the five man! I am the only one who is a lefty though.
So with our air ball practice field set up and the grass freshly mowed, we didn’t practice paintball today. All the local paintball teams can breath a sigh of relief, lol. Tomorrow(Saturday), you can bet we will be arming our paintball guns and hard at it shooting each other and any other team that wants to scrimmage us.
There is a five man open tournament at Jungle falls paintball field though this Sunday. We aren’t reffing so I’m sure we will be playing if our fifth feels like traveling up here. There are only 5 teams preregistered though. I’m not sure it will be a great turn out. Its only trophies for first through third and a trophy for the sportsmanship award. But, entry fees are only 15 per person and include all day comp air fills and free lunch. Its also a field paint only event with PMI Premium paintballs for $55.00 a case, not a bad price.
I guess if we don’t play we will be inside playing foosball all day. I need to work on my roll over any way. I have a hard time hitting a long pull snake. IDK what my problem is. I guess my arm just doesn’t work that way.

BioWars at Skirmish Paintball Field

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We just got back from a long weekend of playing and partying. Sunday we went to Biowars at Skirmish paintball field in Jim Thorpe, PA. That was a crazy scenario and an all around fun time. Although, we were a little hungover that morning we did survive! I couldn’t blog like I though I could, because our stupid hotel didn’t have Internet and we didn’t feel like finding access else where.

They have one of the hugest castles that I have ever played in with tons of levels and rooms. There are lots of windows to hang out of and shoot from. Its hard to attack into it, but fun to defend from.

Skirmish paintball field castle

We originally set out to play with our(built for these scenario) Tippmann A5’s but I found myself switching to my Dye DM7 fairly quick due to the high level of players there. We ended up going through 2 cases of paint each. There was more paintballs flying at this event than any I had played for a long time.

I’m home this morning nursing my welts, including the dinger I took to the side of my neck! I also tore my camo pants like a fat man bending over. I think we laughed for about a half hour when that happened. Luckily, it was after the day was over and we were just packing up our paintball stuff.

They are having an “Invasion of Normandy” event in July. If we don’t end up in San Fransisco that weekend we will for sure attend that event too. The field is really awesome and they had food available throughout the day(maybe why I split my pants).