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Paintball after the Holidays

Posted in paintball events, paintball practice with tags on January 8, 2009 by calebtheredwood

Wow, what a crazy holiday season for all the Paintball Kings members. I was gone for three weeks to Mexico sucking up the sun and cheap living. Mark worked almost 90 hours a week sucking up some serious amounts of cash. Jeff was helping an I’ll family member(who is doing good now). To say the least, we have not been playing much paintball lately or helping out at the Jungle Falls Paintball Park.


We plan on restarting team action after January. Things are just too darn crazy this year. Seems every year older we get, the more difficult it is to remain focused on this great sport. Soon, wives, kids, jobs and unknown responsibilities will work harder than ever to pry paintball out of our lives. With last years collapse/bankruptcy of the NPPL, it’s just one more thing to break down our established activities.

The fields at Jungle Falls are covered in ice and snow, but the indoor field is in great condition for playing. We try to keep it about 60-65deg and 80% humidity. It’s a great playing condition and keeps you running and dodging those 300fps paintballs. Also, the new air compressor we installed last summer(that got full of sand in the floods) has been working great and we are glad it survived the rebuild from the flood. We are planning on getting a nitrogen separator sometime in spring to early summer. It’s a big investment, but with some of the very large tournaments we are planning on holding this year(2009), we think it will be a great addition to the field.

2009, what’s in store for the Paintball King Team? We have loads of tournaments and some larger scenarios planned for this paintball season. We will be reffing events at Jungle Falls all season(as usual). Jeff and Mark are setting up some snap shooting areas in the back of the house. Most of their backyard is now covered with paintball netting, lol. If we can stay off of the foosball table, we hope to do a twice daily snap shooting drill. The rest of the year is open to last minute game invites and maybe a few fill in games here and there. We will probably post our schedule as it becomes more full and we can see for sure that these dates are going to happen.

Good luck to all in 2009, Happy New Year!